Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Hi everyone! I am back with a Tuesday take over. The most wonderful thing happened to me, I had two weeks off and I read a book! Yep, today is day two back at school but over my Springbreak I was given the chance to read book 5 in a series I absolutely loved and missed!

This series is set in Florida, where Haunted Souvenir Shop owner and her pet Parrot Bluebird, live, work and somehow help solve murders in and around Keyhole Bay. Glory has a best friend Karen who is a reporter, a boy friend who is a fellow shop owner, (he owns the book store) and a group of friends who meet for dinner once a week, taking turns hosting and cooking the most amazing meals. What drew me to this once Berkley owned series was the paranormal component and the cover of book one. (Berkley's covers I am always a sucker for) However this time it was the invitation from the author that brought me back in. Christy Fifeld, is the author (Christy York) and book 5 did not disappoint. It was a nice visit with old friends, a great mystery which I did not have figured out at the end, (always a bonus) and a delightful cast of characters and circumstances that I absolutely was taken by. 

 Murder Buys a Lemon is now being offered by @tusnamiridgepublishing on Instagram.  and today they are offering a chance to win an advanced copy along with the other books in the series and more!

Find out more by visiting their instagram page by clicking here or visiting their website by clicking here. 

Learn more about the author by clicking here

Learn about the books in the series and other books by Christy Fifeld by clicking here. 

Thank you for letting me do a take over again Lisa! 

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  1. Good morning, Karen and Lisa.
    Glad you got to read, Karen.
    Happy Tuesday!
    Pat T

  2. Great review, Karen! You're welcome to post your reviews here anytime. I like that it gives my readers here a different point of view!