Friday, June 16, 2023

 Hello all. As you must have noticed by now, nothing new has been happening on my blog. There are 2 reasons.

1: First to happen . . . I haven't been able to load any images to my blog. I've been working hard on trying to figure it out, but so far, nothing.

2: I've been having some flare ups 
of my bipolar, and have had a struggle with my depression. May & June are hard months for me. For my family. The anniversary of both my parents deaths, the anniversary of my brother's death, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the birthday of one of my dearest friends who has now passed. It's all too much in a small space of time.

I'm so sorry to have been MIA. I am going to strive to get things back on track. I'm giving myself a deadline of July 1. I pray you all can hang in there with me as I work on getting my blog, and my presence in the cozy community back in order. In the mean time, love and joy to you all. Good bless. Hugs to you all.

Friday, June 2, 2023

A huge THANK YOU to my friend Karen, for looking after all of you for me. She's so busy in life right now, that it means more than words can say that she would help out, even without being asked! Love you, Karen! 

As for things here. I still can't upload images. If I can't soon, it looks like I may have to set up a new blog. (Insert sad face here) Either way, I will be back up and running ASAP. 

Hugs my friends. And, Happy June!