Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm so happy to have author 
Diane Harman 
on the blog today!

Diane wants to celebrate the release of 
the newest book in her 
Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery series 

Best Selling Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Book #5 from Amazon All Star Author Dianne Harman Kelly, the owner of Kelly’s Koffee Shop, has reluctantly agreed to cater a dinner party for her friend Sophie Marchant in Portland’s popular Pearl District. The guest of honor, Donatella DeLuca, is a famous chef and owner of the highly acclaimed restaurant, Mangia! Mangia! The day after the dinner party Donatella is found murdered. Who did it? The arrogant newspaper food critic? The sous chef at Mangia! Mangia!? The beautiful ex-wife of the television station owner who was going to produce Donatella’s new TV show, Dining with Donatella? A French chef whose nationality is questionable? Or the deranged “hostess with the mostest?” Join Kelly and her dog Rebel, along with reluctant advice from her husband, Sheriff Mike, as they try to discover who murdered Donatella and why. This is the fifth book in the best-selling Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series. As always, mouth-watering recipes are included!

Dianne is giving away 6 Kindle copies of 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I'm thrilled to be a stop on 
author Nancy Coco's blog tour for
Book 3 in the Candy-Coated Mystery series

Nancy is giving away
4 Copies of 
during the tour. 
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Allie McMurphy is busy making yummy fudge for the summer holiday--until murder gives her something else to chew on. . .

Red, White, And Boom

It's not Fourth of July on Mackinac Island without fireworks and fudge. The Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop is supplying the treats--and Allie has hired Rodney Rivers, the biggest name in aerial displays, to create an unforgettable spectacle. Unfortunately, Allie finds him dead, covered with screaming chicken fireworks, just before the entire warehouse of pyrotechnics goes up in smoke. Is it arson or is it murder? Allie and her bichonpoo, Mal, must sift through the suspects until the killer is caught and the island can enjoy a star-spangled celebration.

Tuesday, April 28

We asked Allie McMurphy from the popular candy-coated mystery series

1) What new thing would you try? Yacht racing
What would make you say no? ice fishing

2) What do you get too much of? Feeling like an outsider
And not enough? Sleep

3) What fear have you conquered? Fitting in
Not quite yet? Failure

4) What are you getting better at? Sleuthing
What are you getting worse at? Listening to Officer Manning’s warnings not to get involved

5) What would you pay good money for? A rooftop patio
What wouldn’t you take even if it were free? An apartment in Detroit

6) Do you have a career highlight? Taking over the Historic McMurphy Inn and Fudgeshop
And low point? Watching all the fireworks for the Star Spangled Fourth celebration go up in flames

7) What are you endlessly curious about? Mackinac Island
And zero interest in? Jogging

8) What do you empathize with? Innocent people accused of a crime they didn’t commit
What do you have no sympathy for? Killers

9) What is worth the wait? Love
What do you have no patience for? People who don’t know how to unplug from their electronic gadgets

10) What’s always cool? Fudge on a bright summer’s day
What’s never cool? Not taking the time to look around and enjoy the day

Click on the above link for a full list of tour participants. 


Allie McMurphy and her adorable Bichon-Poo pup, Mal (short for Marshmallow), are back in this third installment of the Candy-Coated Mystery series, and author Nancy Coco starts this book off with a bang . . . literally. A dead body and fireworks!

I really had a great time reading OH SAY CAN YOU FUDGE. As I mentioned above, Ms. Coco started this story off with action and it just kept getting better. Very fast paced with lots of clues to keep the reader guessing. I was eager to turn each page to see what happened next. The reveal brought with it a total surprise.

For those mystery lovers with a sweet tooth, author Coco includes tantalizing fudge recipes. Yum!

This explosively sweet mystery is a perfectly delightful read. Treat yourself to this one.


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Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm happy to be hosting a giveaway for 
one Kindle copy of  
Book 2 in the Frosted Love Mystery series.
by author
Carol Durand

Giveaway open Worldwide! 
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With $50,000 up for grabs in a cupcake competition, Missy Gladstone has to be on her A-game, if she plans on expanding her business, but that doesn't prevent her from deciding to use the competition as an excuse to unwind in Las Vegas while she's there. When she arrives, Missy quickly learns that the reason she's been invited to compete has less to do with her culinary skills and more to do with her old childhood frenemy, who is now a big time celebrity baker with TV shows, a line of bakeware, and a chain of cupcake shops across the country. Knowing that her old rival always had a few tricks up her sleeve, it's no surprise when Missy discovers that the invitation came with ulterior motives. A sticky proposal puts them at odds once again, only this time Missy's business will be on the line. Before Missy knows what's happening, her frenemy is found dead in her hotel room and all eyes are on her. Alone, far from home, Missy will have to reach out to the only ally she has, Detective Becket, and hope that he could help her out of this confectionery mess before its too late.

5Grabbed my interest on the first page........
on April 15, 2015

5A great way to spend an evening, reading this!!
on April 17, 2015

4Short and Sweet Mystery Novella
on April 16, 2015

The author
Carol Durand

Carol Durand grew up on the coast of Maine and is an avid reader of murder mystery novels. 

She get's her inspiration from her love of food, adventure and the cast of characters she calls Family.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

by Carolyn Hart

Book 24 in the Death On Demand Mystery series 
by Carolyn Hart

Annie Darling—owner of the mystery bookstore, Death on Demand—prefers fictional crimes as opposed to real ones…

In one tragic week, two acts of violence shake the island community of Broward’s Rock. First, a beloved doctor is found shot dead, seemingly by his own hand. Days later, a local artist is arrested after his wife is found murdered, bludgeoned by her husband’s sculpting mallet.

Convinced her brother did not commit suicide, the doctor’s sister turns to Annie and her husband, Max. She has found a cryptic sketch her brother drew, linking him with the murdered woman. Did someone want them both out of the picture?

Now it’s up to Annie and Max to sort through a rogues’ gallery of suspects to see if someone is trying to frame the artist. But if Annie isn’t careful, she may have her own brush with death…


It’s hard to believe that after twenty-three books in the same series, book twenty-four could be even better. It was! Author Carolyn Hart nurtures her Death On Demand series like a mother does her child, and it shows.

This book changed POVs among different characters and it kept the story fresh and gave me a glimpse into other parts of the story that readers don’t always get to see.

Main characters Annie and her husband Max really have their hands full in DEATH AT THE DOOR. With two deaths, and suspects around every corner, this story was everything a reader hopes for in a mystery. Page turning twists and turns had me second guessing myself through the entire book. When the truth finally came out, I was wide eyed and finally released the breath I had been holding.

Fans of the Death On Demand series are in for a true rollercoaster ride with this installment. I know I loved every minute of it! And happily, I have book twenty-five, DON’T GO HOME, waiting right next to me!


Book 25 in the Death On Demand Mystery series 
by Carolyn Hart

Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore, is hosting a party to celebrate successful Southern literary icon—and former Broward’s Rock resident—Alex Griffith and his bestselling new novel, Don’t Go Home. But after the local paper announces that Griffith aims to reveal the real-life inspirations behind his characters, perhaps the author should take his own advice. Not everyone in town is ready to give him a glowing review.

As Annie attempts damage control, her friend Marian Kenyon gets in a heated argument with Griffith. It’s a fight Annie won’t soon forget—especially after the author turns up dead.

Despite an array of suspects to match Griffith’s cast of characters—and a promise to her husband, Max, to steer clear of sleuthing—Annie’s not about to let the police throw the book at her friend when the real killer remains at large…


Before I start my review, I have good news for all the Death On Demand fans. This was supposed to be the last book in the series, but author Carolyn Hart has decided to continue! She said the characters just wouldn’t stay quiet. Thank you Annie and Max for whispering into your author’s ear! :-)

Once again Carolyn Hart has outdone herself. She pulled out all the stops with DON’T GO HOME. It’s no wonder she has won multiple Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity awards, along with an Amelia Award. When it comes to good ole traditional, edge of your seat mysteries, this story tops the list.

When I started reading this story, I was just going to read a few chapters than get some work done. I read the entire book without too many breaks. I just didn’t want to put it down until I knew who the killer was. The ending of the book, the reveal, was straight out of a Christie novel! I half expected Miss Marple to walk in and point her finger at the killer.

Once you’ve read DON’T GO HOME, you’ll understand why Carolyn Hart has been called America’s Agatha Christie. It’s a title very well earned.

Here’s to book twenty-six! 

Both of these great titles are 
available for pre-order for their 
Tuesday, May 5 release date! 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

THE BOOK STOPS HERE by Kate Carlisle

Book 1 in the Cypress Cove Mystery series
by Carlene O'Neal

In California wine country, the town of Cypress Cove may seem peaceful. But someone’s about to pop their cork…

After losing her job as a photojournalist, Penny Lively is trying to get her life back in focus. Inheriting the family winery from her late aunt may be the fresh start she needs. Thankfully she’s got her niece Hayley and her handsome winery manager Connor to help. But the person in need of more urgent assistance is Antonia Martinelli, the owner of the neighboring winery, who has her own barrel full of problems. Someone’s spoiling her wine, and with the upcoming Autumn Festival, she needs Penny’s nose for clues to sniff out the culprit.

But Penny’s search for answers sours after the body of a staff member is found in a grape crusher. Since Hayley was the last to see him alive, she’s the prime suspect in the case. Now Penny must hurry to find the real killer before Hayley withers on the vine…


ONE FOOT IN THE GRAPE was a good start for the new Cypress Cove Mystery series.

Although I’m not a wine drinker (not a drinker at all for that matter), the beauty of vineyards are undeniable. While reading this story, it was easy to picture myself among the rows of ripening grapes, with the sun shining on a quiet, peaceful day. Well, you know, if there hadn’t been a murder. ;-)

Author Carlene O’Neil has done a wonderful job on this first book.  Well thought out characters, like protagonist Penny Lively, make for an entertaining read. I look forward to watching the growth of these characters in upcoming installments.

Brava to the author for a death I haven’t seen in a cozy before . . . a grape crusher! Once the body is found, the mystery continues to ripen as the book draws to a conclusion I didn’t come close to guessing.

A robust bouquet of well written mystery, ONE FOOT IN THE GRAPE is sure to be a new favorite among cozy fans. 


Book 3 in the Baker's Treat Mystery series
by Nancy J. Parra

The author of Murder Gone A-Rye and Gluten for Punishment returns to Oiltop, Kansas, where gluten-free baker Toni Holmes has to separate the wheat from the chaff to clear her brother of murder… 

It’s never a good time for a crisis. Toni’s busy whipping up gluten-free holiday treats when a murder forces her to put baking on the back burner. A dead man has been found in the bathtub of a local inn—in a room registered to her brother, Tim.

With her sibling now a prime suspect in a mysterious homicide, Toni is determined to find out who set him up. But she’s about to get some unwanted assistance from former investigative journalist Grandma Ruth, who won’t let anything slow her progress in running down a killer…


FLOURLESS TO STOP HIM is a delectable addition to the Baker’s Treat Mystery series.

This book had me with the first three sentences . . . I love my family. I do. But there are times when I sincerely wish they would take a day off . . . Ha! I know that feeling well! But I do love the concept of a home where extended family members are free to come and go. That they will always have a roof over their heads.

The cast of characters are every bit as much a treat as the delicious recipes that are included. I think anyone would have a hard time not loving lead character Toni’s Grandma Ruth, the ninety something ex-investigative reporter, lifelong member of Mensa. And Grandma Ruth is in great form in this installment!

This was a real page turner of a mystery that kept me reading past my bedtime. I just had to know whodunit, and once I did, I couldn’t believe it!

I also love that in today’s world, with more and more people developing food allergies, author Nancy J. Parra had the idea to do a gluten free bakery. The fact that it is set in the middle of wheat country . . . priceless. As I mentioned above, there are wonderful recipes, gluten free, included in the book.

I look forward to the next book in the Baker’s Treat Mystery series. Ms. Parra has a real job on her hands topping this one! 


Book 9 in the Bibliophile Mystery series
by Kate Carlisle

You never know what treasures can be found in someone’s attic. Unfortunately for bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright, some of them are worth killing for in the latest in the New York Timesbestselling Bibliophile Mystery series.
Brooklyn is thrilled to be appearing on the hit TV show This Old Attic as a rare-book expert and appraiser. Her first subject is a valuable first-edition copy of the children’s classic The Secret Garden.
After the episode airs, a man storms onto the set claiming that the owner of the book, a flower seller named Vera, found the book at his garage sale, and he wants it back—or else. Afterward, Randolph Rayburn, the show’s host, confides in Brooklyn that he’s terrified by the man’s threats and fears that he is being stalked.
When several violent incidents occur on the set, Brooklyn and her security expert boyfriend, Derek, are shaken. But Brooklyn’s discovery of Vera’s corpse in her flower shop convinces her she has to find the killer—before her chance at prime time and her life are canceled…permanently.


I haven’t read the first few books in the Bibliophile Mystery series, but I see I will have to make up for lost time. I really enjoyed this story. Author Kate Carlisle has a wonderful flare for mystery. She always delivers a page turner.

I was fascinated by the concept that buying something at a garage sale and finding out it was worth gobs of money could get you killed. I think when I find my fortune at a yard sale I’ll keep quiet about it. ;-)

As with a few books I’ve read recently, the victim was found well into the book. I personally like that. There’s so much more time for a back on the person killed. It makes them more human and not just a faceless body.

This book was fast paced and attention holding. Lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I kept telling myself just one more page, only one more chapter. It took a lot to pull me away from it.

If you’re a fan of classic mysteries, you’re going to love THE BOOK STOPS HERE.

All three of these great titles are 
available for pre-order for their 
Tuesday, May 5 release date! 

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