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MING TEA MURDER by Laura Childs

Book 16 in the Tea Shop Mystery series 
by Laura Childs

It’s scones and scandal for Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning in the latest from theNew York Times bestselling author of Steeped in Evil…

Normally Theodosia wouldn’t attend a black tie affair for all the tea in China. But she can hardly say no to her hunky, handsome boyfriend, Max, who directs public relations for the Gibbes Museum in Charleston. Max has organized an amazing gala opening for an exhibit of a genuine eighteenth century Chinese teahouse, and the crème de la crème of Charleston society is invited.

In the exotic garden staged in the museum’s rotunda, a Chinese dragon dances to the beat of drums as it weaves through the crowd. The guests are serenaded by a Chinese violin as they sample an assortment of tempting bites. And to give them a memento of the occasion, there’s even a photo booth. But Theodosia makes a grim discovery behind the booth’s curtains: the body of museum donor Edgar Webster.

While Theodosia prefers tea service over the service of justice, this case is difficult to ignore—especially after Max becomes a suspect. Now she must examine the life of the fallen philanthropist and find out who really wanted him to pay up…



Author Laura Childs has brewed another strong story that is steeped in mystery.

In this sixteenth instalment of the Tea Shop Mystery series, Ms. Childs started the action off early. There was no waiting around for the dead body to pop in this one! Page after page, chapter after chapter, it was a glorious blend of mystery, fun, and excitement. The action kept flowing, and the suspense went from simmering to boiling hot until reaching the climatic reveal.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story. I loved the interaction between them.  Theodosia was a very likeable protagonist. She’s someone I’d like to sit and chat with.

Pick a day when you have time to yourself, brew a pot of your favorite tea, prepare the finger sandwiches and scones, and get ready to spend the entire day with MING TEA MURDER.

Don’t close the book once the story is over. Keep reading and explore the new book previews and blurbs, the announcement of a new thriller series, excellent tea resources, wonderful Tea Time Tips, and almost a dozen delightfully tempting recipes! 


Book 19 in the Monk Mystery series 
by Hy Conrad

Welcome to the series of original mysteries starring Adrian Monk, the brilliant investigator who always knows when something’s out of place....
Monk and Natalie have finally settled into a new office routine—but the detectives soon have another problem to deal with: Captain Stottlemeyer’s new lieutenant, A. J. Thurman—a man of limited skills whom Monk finds insufferable.
Despite Thurman’s presence, Monk and Natalie attend the funeral of Judge Oberlin, and it’s a good thing. In typical fashion, Monk examines the body in the casket—and finds evidence of poison. The judge was murdered.

When Captain Stottlemeyer shows the same symptoms the judge had shown, Monk detects the work of a diabolical killer who wants both men dead. With his friend in danger and an enemy close, Monk will have to put his reservations aside to crack the case in time.


Although I have watched the television show, this was my first Monk book. It was really quite good. That has everything to do with the fact that the author, Hy Conrad, was also a writer on the show for it entire eight season run.

I have to say, I loved that each chapter has a title. So few books do that these days. I’ve always enjoyed it. The story is told from the point of view of Natalie Teeger, Adrian Monk’s former assistant, now his partner in Monk & Teeger, Consulting Detectives.

Reading MR. MONK AND THE NEW LIEUTENTANT was just like watching an episode of the show. All the same fun, drama, and intrigue, but with no commercials!

For those who have followed this book series, if the other books were have as good as this on, you’re going to love it! If you’re like me, familiar with the show but you haven’t read the books, give this one a try. I think you’ll be pleased. 

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  1. Love the tea shop mysteries. I've been following the series.
    Haven't read of the Monk books. I think the TV show turned me off on him.

  2. MING TEA MURDER mystery sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. I have added it to my TBR list. Thank you.

    I am a fan of the Monk book series (I started watching the Monk tv show when the character Natalie Teeger joined). I have read all of the Monks books (my favorites books are when Monk has traveled to Hawaii, France, and Germany), and I enjoyed them all.

    Thank you for the reviews.

  3. I can't believe I've been reading the Tea Shop mysteries long enough for this to be number 16! Such a good series!

  4. I did watch the TV series and liked it. I think I have read a book or two but that has been a long time ago. Time to look into them again! And thanks for the info on the teashop series. So many books, so little time! Thanks for all of your reviews!

  5. Thanks, Lisa! I haven't read all the Tea Shop mysteries but would love to. I haven't read any of the Monk books but, like you, enjoyed the TV show. I need to try them.

  6. Lisa, I've never read a Laura Child's cozy but reading your review, I see that I need to.

    I enjoyed the Monk series on television. Looks like I need to start reading the books as well.

    Thank you for these great book reviews here. Thank you also for sharing the reviews of Murder Under the Tree on your two FB pages today and for your review of my cozy mystery last week. :)

  7. I'm a huge fan of Monk, I was one of the few fans that got into watching it when the tv movie first aired and I've read all the books that have been written. I read this book when it was released as a hard copy back in January. It was a fantastic read. But sadly, this is going to be the last book in the series, both writers, Lee Goldberg and Hy Conrad, have decided to stop writing them.