Monday, April 20, 2015


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This week's Monday Mystery Mashup is being hosted  by author
Linda Reilly!

Linda is giving away a copy of  
Book 1 in her new Deep Fried Mystery series
releasing Tuesday, May 5!


Talia Marby serves up delectable English deep fried fare in the heart of the Berkshires—but she soon discovers there’s something fishy going on…
Sometimes in this life, you have to fish or cut bait. After walking away from a miserable job and an even worse boyfriend, Talia Marby has no regrets. She’s returned to her hometown and is happy to help her dear friend Bea Lambert by working at Lambert’s Fish & Chips, a cornerstone of a charming shopping plaza designed to resemble an old English village.
But not all the shop owners are charming. Phil Turnbull has been pestering Bea to sign a petition against a new store opening up, and his constant badgering is enough to make her want to boil him in oil. When Talia and Bea stumble upon Turnbull murdered in his shop, the police suspect Bea. Now it’s up to Talia to fish around for clues and hook the real killer before her friend has to trade serving food for serving time…
Includes delicious recipes!

This new series had me at Deep Fried! I had been looking forward to reading since I had first heard about it. It was worth the wait.

In this first book in the Deep Fried Mystery series, author Linda Reilly has created a delightful cast of characters, as well as an enchanting setting. I knew even before finishing the first chapter of FILLET OF MURDER I was going to love this book . . . and I did!

I immensely enjoyed the relationship between lead character Talia Marby and her friend, and owner of Lambert’s Fish & Chips, Bea Lambert. They really played well off each other and have a wonderful mother/daughter vibe. As for the fish & chips restaurant, I have no doubt that would be my hangout. I could smell the incredible scents of fried food while reading, and more than once heard my stomach growling. Speaking of growling tums, Ms. Reilly has included a couple of tasty recipes to use as side dishes for your next fish & chips (or any other) dinner!

This mystery had a wonderful plot and was extremely well written. There were enough red herrings (or in this case, haddock) to keep my guessing until the surprising reveal. I did not see it coming. Well done Ms. Reilly!

FILLET OF MURDER is one of the most delicious introductions to a new series (first books) I have read so far this year and has secured a spot in my top five favorites! If you’re looking for a new cozy series to whet your appetite for mystery, FILLET OF MURDER is the perfect choice! 

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 1.Ousl Reudsrrne 

2. Nibgr Royu Won Npoiso

3. Itdry Irtksc

4. Aidunbelny Orysu

5. Eht Lntsekeo Unaths A Uhseo 

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  1. Thank you for the Mystery Mashup! I had a blast. :)

    Fillet Of Murder sounds like a fun book. Thank you for the review.

    1. I'm glad you liked it Jen! Wait til you see what's coming up on Wednesday!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Your review/recommendation has added Fillet of Murder to my TBR list!

    1. Pat, that's what I like to hear! It's a really good book.

  3. Thank you! This was a fun Rafflecopter!

  4. There's nothing like a good Monday Mash-Up! And I just love the cat on the cover of Fillet of Murder! Another book to add to my never-ending (but good!) list!

  5. Fun Mash-Up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Thanks for the resounding yes for reading this new title! And I love the cover--the cat with the fish must have murder on its' mind as well!