Monday, October 31, 2022

Hello goblins and ghouls!

Do you have a Halloween day tradition? 

My sister and I watch Halloween themed movies. We love scary ones . . .

 . . . and we love fun ones.
Our favorite fun Halloween themed or movies fun for Halloween are . . .

This version of Ghostbusters didn't get very good reviews, but my sister and I love it! It makes us laugh every time we watch it, and I've lost count of how often we have. 

We've been watching Hocus Pocus for decades! So much fun, and now a classic! 

This year brought us Hocus Pocus 2! Like the original, we'll be watching this one a lot.

We've only watched Hubie Halloween twice, but it's the type of stupid fun we get a kick out of.

Goosebumps was made for kids, but it 
still had scary bits that startled me.

Goosebumps 2 had the fun of the first. And the scene with the gummy bears . . . I laugh just thinking about it! 

Do you have any favorite movies watch for some Halloween fun?

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Happy Sunday!

Time for some fun!

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Good Luck!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Hello friends!
One of my second favorite holiday (Christmas if first), Halloween will be here in just a couple of days!
I haven't been trick-or-treating since I was a kid. People tend to frown on adults who knock on their doors asking for candy. Go figure!

What? It was the only house that welcomed me. 

Here are some of my favorite candys . . . 

I loved Mars Bars. I lost track of them. Haven't seen them in stores for a long time. Snickers with Almonds comes very, very close. But, the point is moot for me now. I'm not allowed to eat nuts anymore because I get diverticulitis. 😕

I think you see a theme here. I love candy bars. Not all, but enough to make my doctor unhappy with me.
I don't care much for unhappy doctors.

Are you a fan of candy? If so, what is your favorite or favorites? 

Do you hand candy out for Halloween? I don't get trick-or-treats on my street, so every year I go to my sister's house and help her hand out candy. She just moved in to a new house, so I'm curious to see if she gets a lot of trick-or-treaters there.

I'm spending today at my friends store, and I have brought little treat bags with me in case any children come to the store with their parents. My treat bags have Halloween stickers, pencils, and cute little rulers/bookmarks.

Have a bright and cheery Saturday all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Did you know you can get FREE eBooks?

The following titles were free at the time I scheduled this post on 10/25. There is a chance they are no longer free. 

These titles are all from Amazon US for Kindle. However, they are likely available for other eReaders, and on other international Amazon sites.



These titles are just a 
sampling of the free eBooks you can find!

Be careful when picking out your free eBooks on Amazon. They also have Amazon Unlimited, and while they are free, you have to have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, and it does cost. 

I haven't read any of these, so please, let me know if you do, and what you think about them?


As always, please leave a comment and 
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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Friends, I am so far behind on reviews! I've been reading, but I haven't written a review in months. This is something I need to change.

The following books are waiting for their reviews. What I can tell you about them right now is, I enjoyed every one of them, and I think you will too.

Releases December 27, 2022

Sherry Harris gives readers a new adventure to dive into with the latest installment of her Florida-set mystery series, as local bartender Chloe Jackson’s search for treasure shores up the dead body of a contestant in the upcoming Panhandle Barback Games...

The Florida Panhandle Barback Games are coming up and Chloe’s been drafted to represent the Sea Glass Saloon—competing in various obstacle-course events that conclude with rolling an empty keg up a hill. The rivalries are so fierce that some of the participating bars even stoop to bringing in ringers.
Meanwhile, Chloe’s friend Ann—a descendant of the famed pirate Jean Lafitte—asks her to come along for a boat ride as Ann dives into the Gulf of Mexico. She’s found some old papers that may identify the location of sunken treasure. Instead, she finds a sunken body—of one of the ringers hired for the Barback Games.  Now that murder is in the mix, Chloe has to figure out whether one of the competitors went overboard . . .

I've really been enjoying this series. But for reasons I won't disclose here, this one is my favorites by far! LOL You'll see why when it comes out. 

Available today!

For bibliophiles who love Rita Mae Brown and Alexander McCall Smith comes the latest witty story in the beloved series set at Virginia’s book-themed resort, Storyton Hall, from the New York Times bestselling author. In this latest literary mystery, a killer inspired by Lord Alfred Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shallot” doesn’t stanza chance with resort manager Jane Steward is on the case!

When corpses clutching poems begin turning up around Storyton Hall, Jane Steward is on the trail of someone exercising poetic license to kill and is determined to keep her fairytale resort from turning into a southern gothic…

As Jane eagerly anticipates the wedding of her best friend Eloise Alcott, Storyton Hall is overrun with poets in town to compete for a coveted greeting card contract. They’re everywhere, scrawling verses on cocktail napkins in the reading rooms or seeking inspiration strolling the Poet’s Walk, a series of trails named after famous authors. But the Tennyson Trail leads to a grim surprise: a woman’s corpse drifting in a rowboat on a lake, posed as if she were “The Lady of Shallot.”

When a second body is discovered,also posed as a poetic character, a recurring MO emerges. Fortunately, Jane is well versed in sleuthing and won’t rest until she gives the killer a taste of poetic justice…

 I've enjoyed this series so much!

Available today!

The great Gingerbread Dog & Cat House competition has come to Wagtail, along with another murder to solve for Holly and her supersmart Jack Russell terrier Trixie in the New York Times bestselling Paws & Claws series by Krista Davis!

Visitors are arriving in droves to spend Thanksgiving in the mountains of pet-friendly Wagtail, Virginia. Many of them are bringing dog and cat gingerbread houses to enter in the contest that will be held in the new convention center. Wagtail resident Orly Biffle bequeathed the land to the town in his will, provided that they not cut down the grand old oak tree on the property. Orly’s children are mighty miffed that they didn’t inherit the prime piece of property overlooking the lake.
Holly notices that Trixie and Twinkletoes, her calico kitty, are fixated on the big oak tree. Trixie barks at it as though she thinks it’s a corpse! Just as contestants are spicing up their sweet gingerbread creations, the majestic tree drops an enormous limb. The mayor declares that the tree is dangerous and must come down. When a bulldozer churns up some roots, the tree falls over on its own accord revealing a body inside the trunk! Initially, everyone suspects this unsavory trick was Orly’s doing. But it soon becomes clear that someone is trying to keep the truth under wraps. Trixie and Twinkletoes now have to help Holly sniff out some suspects and leash a conniving killer.
This series gets better with every book!

Available on the 26th!

Classic literature is at risk of disappearing from the world…

When Gia accepts a job as a library archivist at a manor house in North Carolina, she has no idea what she’s in for. On day one, she finds herself outside her comfort zone when she accidentally travels through a magical portal to the world of 
Jane Eyre. She finds Edward Rochester imprisoned as he awaits his death sentence for killing his wife. But Gia has read the book, and she knows Edward is innocent of murder.

Soon, she realizes that there are sinister mystical forces working to rewrite the narrative, hoping to destroy the manuscript altogether. To restore order and reset the book to its original state, Gia must discover who actually killed Bertha Rochester and framed her husband for the crime.

But few of the people she meets are who they claim to be and they all have secrets...including Edward.

This mystery is like none I have read before. I consider this to be a para-cozy, due to the main character traveling into the fictional world of Jane Eyre. With JANR EYRE being one of my all time favorite books, I couldn't resist the chance to review this one. It made for a fun change of pace.

I hope to have my reviews for these titles soon.
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Monday, October 24, 2022

Hello, my friends!
Today I'm bringing you a recap of November's New Releases.
I want to make sure you didn't miss anything!





Any titles you're going to be adding to your library?

As always, please leave a comment 
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