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Today I'm joining 
Berkley Mystery
 in celebrating the release of  
Book 1 in the Love Is Murder Mysteries
by Mimi Granger

Love meets murder in this new cozy mystery series set in a quirky romance bookstore, with a heroine to die for.

Lizzie Hale may be the lucky owner of a successful romance bookshop, Love Under the Covers, but she's decidedly un-lucky in love. Though she's read almost every famous romance novelist, from Jane Austen to Nora Roberts, none have helped her figure out how to get—and keep—a man.

But Lizzie has bigger problems to worry about. Like murder.

When Brody Pierce, swoon-worthy ranch owner and resident bachelor, is found stabbed through the chest, hearts were heard breaking all over idyllic Tinker's Creek. But when Lizzie's aunt is implicated in the murder, she's determined to clear her name. Lizzie quickly realizes that Brody was a hunk with many hidden secrets, and she's soon leafing through a stack of suspects longer than Brody's list of lovers.

With the killer still on the loose, Lizzie will have to find the truth before this act of passion ignites a fire she can't put out.
From Mimi Granger

There’s a lot that goes into writing a cozy mystery. There’s murder and clues galore; suspects and red herrings; setting is important, too, as are the people who live in that place. 

The true heart of a cozy, though, is its main character, the amateur sleuth. And for cozy mystery writers, finding, developing, and writing that sleuth is a combination of fun and challenging.

That’s pretty much what I faced when I started tinkering with the idea for the Love is Murder mysteries. I knew I wanted to set my stories in a romance bookstore called Love Under the Covers. And obviously to keep the bookshop front and center, my heroine needed to be the proprietor of the shop.

But who would she be?

Her name struck me first—Lizzie Hale. And there were some givens right from the start: Lizzie had to be a book lover, she had to enjoy the romance genre above all else, and because she had to have the energy to run the shop and solve crimes, she had to be young.

So far, though, Lizzie sounded like a standard character, and readers demand more than that in the books they love.

What could make Lizzie different? For one thing, she needed to afford her own bookstore. I took care of that problem lickety-split: Lizzie’s parents had been investing in Apple stocks for her since she was born.  When the stocks came into her possession, she chose to follow her dream and open a bookstore. If only all money problems were that easily solved!

That still wasn’t enough to make Lizzie stand out in the crowd. The idea of making Lizzie a baseball fan and whiz when it comes to statistics wasn’t all that hard since my family has always been big into baseball, so I added that into the mix, and from there, things just started to rock ‘n roll. I needed a hero/love interest, right? I made him a gorgeous park ranger and former major league baseball player. Instantly, Max and Lizzie have something in common, something they can talk about—baseball.

Then just to turns things on their head, I made Lizzie, romance novel lover, a complete loser when it comes to real life romance! When Max is around, Lizzie gets itchy. She gets tongue-tied. If it wasn’t for the saving grace of baseball and the fact that when she and Max talk murder, Lizzie’s in her element, she’s sure he’d discover what a romance dork she is.

Lizzie makes her debut in Death of a Red-Hot Rancher, the first book in the new series, and I’ve already finished the next in the series as well. I discovered more interesting things about Lizzie in that book and I hope I—and readers—will get to know her even better in years to come!

Mimi Granger is a pseudonym for Connie Laux, an established mystery author. She is the author of the League of Literary Ladies Mystery series, the Button Box Mystery series, and the Haunted Mansion Mystery series. Mimi resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more online at mystery-book-series.com.         


Mimi Granger is a pseudonym for Connie Laux, an established mystery author. She’s written the League of Literary Ladies series, the Button Box Mystery series, and the Haunted Mansion Mystery series.

I’m always excited to start a new cozy mystery series, so I couldn’t wait to read DEATH OF A RED HOT RANCHER, book 1 in the Love Is Murder series by author Mimi Granger.

I loved the lead character’s book store. I had just about every romance you could mention. I also liked her little home town and most of its residents. Protagonist, Lizzie, did fall a notch on my likeability meter because of something I won’t mention as I don’t want to skew how you view her.

DEATH OF A RED-HOT RANCHER is a solid beginning to this new series, and I’m looking forward to the second title to see what changes author Granger may make, and to learn more about the characters as she fleshes them out.

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Only one new cozy this time, but take a look at all of these cookbooks! 





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I'm so happy to be a stop on the blog tour for
Book 5 in the Food Blogger Mysteries
by Debra Sennefelder

Food blogging is turning Hope Early into a household name. But the dead body down the block makes her a #1 suspect...
It seems everyone loves Hope’s blog these days, and she’s busier than ever volunteering to help other women create their own paths to success. So she’s shocked when a neighbor petitions to run Hope right out of her small Connecticut town! Set in her ways, apparently Birdie Donovan doesn’t like the chaos Hope’s sleuthing creates, the police activity and crime scenes, and it’s happening way too often lately. Eager to make amends, Hope bakes Birdie a batch of her best muffins. The delicious treats might have smoothed things over—until Hope discovers Birdie dead in her gazebo the very next day...
Now instead of worrying about holding on to her beloved home, Hope is trying to stay out of jail. Because suddenly she’s the lead suspect in the case. Not even her boyfriend, Police Chief Ethan Cahill, is promising he can clear her name, much less discuss the investigation with her. It’s up to Hope to get to bake new ground on the case before the lifestyle brand she’s created—and her whole life—crumbles...



One lucky reader will win a
Grand Prize Package
Include a Signed Copy of

Enter using the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post.

Winner will be chosen after October 4 at the end of the tour.

USA only

This giveaway is through Great Escape Book Tours


I’ve been a fan of author Debra Sennefelder since I read her first book. She has never disappointed and that includes this wonderful book, THE CORPSE IN THE GAZEBO. This fifth book in the series is just as tasty as the four titles that came before. Actually, is has even more flavor!

THE CORPSE IN THE GAZEBO held me prisoner with every page. What seemed to be an open and shut case of our protagonist committing murder, evolved into a twisty turny who-really-dunit that had me second and third guessing myself right up until the heart racing end.  In fact, it was so hard to put down it went with me to the kitchen for food and drink, and (Warning: TMI Alert) to the potty. J

Fans of the Food Blogger Mysteries and of Debra Sennefelder, will not be disappointed with this newest installment. Those who aren’t fans . . . that translate to “those who have never read a book by this author” . . . THE CORPSE IN THE GAZEBO will change that. 

Did I mention the amazing recipes?

LKBR:  Thank you for joining us today, Debra!

DS: Thank you! I’m so happy to be here.

LKBR: Please tell us a bit about your new book.

DS: Food blogger Hope Early finds herself involved in the murder investigation of a persnickety neighbor. Birdie Donovan likes things a certain way, and it seems that few of her neighbors live up to her standards, including Hope. After a very public argument, Hope finds Birdie dead – murdered. Evidence quickly mounts up against Hope, and she has to find the real killer and clear her name. 

LKBR: How many hours a week do you work in order to meet your deadline(s)?

DS: I work about forty hours a week for my writing business. That time includes admin work, social media, and promotion. Some days, my workload is lighter. Other days, it’s all I can do to get one thing crossed off my to-do list. I write my novels in several drafts, so I may be editing one manuscript while writing the first draft of another manuscript. It’s a constant juggling act.


LKBR: Are you working on any new projects?

DS: I am currently writing the first draft of a Resale Boutique mystery, which is due to my editor next spring. I’m also working on something that I can’t discuss at this time. Though, I can share that it’s so much fun!


LKBR: How many books do put out annually (if more than one)?

DS: Typically two a year.


LKBR: What is your brainstorming process like? Do you have a certain order you use when starting a new story? Such as, main character development, do you already have a murder in mind, the location it takes place?

DS: When I get an idea for a story, I first think about if that idea can carry a whole book. Some ideas can’t, and those get filed away to use perhaps as a secondary plot in the future. Once I get an idea for a story like I did for the manuscript I’m writing now, I start fleshing out the victim and the murderer. First, I need to know their history, what brought the two of them to this point, and I need to know what happened during the murder. Then I begin creating suspects and their relationships with the victim and the murderer (if there is one). Then I start plotting the story, and from there, I write my outline. The outline I sent to my editor for the Resale Boutique book I’m currently writing was 28 pages long. Actually, my working outline was closer to 35. In that outline I include snippets of dialogue, description, anything that comes to mind as I’m plotting that I don’t want to forget. 

LKBR: Where’s the strangest place inspiration has hit?

DS: I can’t think of the strangest place. Inspiration hits all the time, but as I said earlier, not all ideas can be used.

LKBR: What publishing decisions are made by you, and what are made by the publisher? Such as, cover design, paperback/hardcover, publishing date, pricing, and so on.

DS: The publisher decides all those things. However, I do have input into the cover design. My editor asks for my ideas, and I provide him with a document with images. If the cover depicts the murder scene, I’ll include descriptions of the scene in that document.


LKBR: Have you done both self-publishing and traditional publishing? If yes, how do they differ? And do you as the author have to promote them equally, or does a publisher handle a lot of the promoting?

DS: I haven’t done self-publishing.

LKBR: Multiple questions here. Have you ever thought about giving up on writing? If yes, why? What kept you going? What would you see yourself doing instead? If no, YAY! J

DS: Yes, the thought of packing up my index cards, my plotting sheets, and my thick idea file has crossed my mind more than once. But, the truth is I love what I do, and at this point in my life, I can’t see myself doing anything else. But, if I did stop writing, I’d probably go back to food blogging. 


 LKBR: If you could make one request of a reader, what would that be?

DS: I would love readers to share what they are reading with their friends and family.  think when you share what you are reading, you’re offering a wonderful gift to everyone around you. 

LKBR: Thank you for joining us here today, Debra!

DS: It’s been my pleasure. I hope your friends will connect with me on social media so I can get to know them. Thank you!

About Debra Sennefelder

Debra Sennefelder is an avid reader who reads across a range of genres, but mystery fiction is her obsession. Her interest in people and relationships is channeled into her novels against a backdrop of crime and mystery.

Her first novel, THE UNINVITED CORPSE (A Food Blogger mystery) was published in 2018.In addition to writing the Food Blogger mystery series, she writes the Resale Boutique Mystery series. When she’s not reading, she enjoys cooking and baking and as a former food blogger, she is constantly taking photographs of her food. Yeah, she’s that person.

Born and raised in New York City, where she majored in her hobby of fashion buying, she now lives and writes in Connecticut with her family. She’s worked in retail and publishing before becoming a full-time author. Her writing companion is her adorable and slightly spoiled Shih Tzu, Connie.

Author Links
FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE: http://bit.ly/2qjwHyT
GOODREADS – http://bit.ly/2DpMPE8

Purchase Links 


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Today I'm joining 
Berkley Mystery
 in celebrating the release of  
Book 13 in the Magical Cat Mysteries
by Sofie Kelly

Librarian Kathleen Paulson and her inquisitive cats find themselves in a jam when a musician turns up dead, in the newest installment of this New York Times bestselling series.

It’s summer in Mayville Heights, and Kathleen Paulson and her detective boyfriend Marcus, are eager to attend the closing concert of the local music festival. The concert is a success, but then one of the band members is discovered dead shortly after it. At first it’s assumed the death is a robbery gone wrong, but Kathleen suspects foul play—and she’s certain that she, along with her trusty side-cats, Owen and Hercules, can help solve the murder.

Before his death, Kathleen had noticed the victim in the library researching his genealogy, and when she and Marcus take a closer look at the man's family tree, they begin to think a previous death of one of his relatives now seems suspicious. The more Kathleen thinks about it, the more this murder feels like it could be an encore performance. Kathleen and her cats will need to act fast and be very careful if they want to stay off of a killer's hit list.

The Soundtrack of My Life by Sofie Kelly

Music plays a big part in the storyline of the latest Magical Cats mystery, Hooked on a Feline. It turns out Kathleen’s friend, Harry Taylor, played in a band when he was younger. As I tried to decide what kind of songs the band would play for their comeback concert I started thinking about the music that’s important to me, the songs that make up the soundtrack of my life.

Whenever I hear Barry Manilow singing Mandy I think about Rob Fowler from high school. He was every teenage girl’s dream, tall with long hair and tight, flared jeans. And he kissed me in the breezeway between the main part of the school and the gym. It was during my bad girl phase. Actually, that kiss was my entire bad girl phase. Unfortunately that kiss did not make Rob fall madly in love with me.

Does anyone remember those little books that used to be displayed by the cash registers in grocery stores back in the 70s? They were all aimed at women and covered topics like how to get thinner thighs in a month or how to find your soulmate using the astrological signs. I bought one with easy spells anyone could do using just a candle. Then I spent the next two weeks listening to Mandy over and over while I burned a purple candle and used the incantation that would make Rob’s hair fall out.

Rob, if you’re reading this I swear I had no idea that spell would work so well, albeit on a bit of a delay.

Most people wouldn’t call the Billy Joel song, You May be Right, romantic. But whenever I hear it I’m reminded of a long-ago summer fling with a guy named Pete who had long hair, drove a motorcycle and liked cats and Billy Joel. And as for Pete’s hair, if he no longer has any, that’s not on me.

With the first few notes of Daydream Believer, before Davy Jones of the Monkees even starts to sing, I’m back in my little country school, on the second floor where we printed the school newspaper on a hand-crank Gestetner copy machine. It’s always a bittersweet memory because I can picture my friend Bonnie, who has been gone far more years than she was with us.

My daughter has loved Steven Tyler since she was in her high chair swaying to Aerosmith’s music. She’s still a fan. Whenever I hear I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing all at once I’m standing in the middle of Walmart with my girl just after she learned to walk. We’re passing the music department when she hears the song. She stops, lets go of my hand and starts to dance. Picture a tiny little person with slightly bowed legs and a big faux fur hat dancing just for the joy of it. That’s what I see every time Steven Tyler starts to sing.

Blue Rodeo’s Lost Together is one of my favorite songs. It was written by Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy, with Keelor singing lead. It always takes me back to southern China where my daughter was born. I’m lying in bed in the middle of the night, my husband snoring beside me and the baby snoring in the crib on my other side, feeling homesick and more than a little overwhelmed that I am a first-time mother at forty.

So what songs make up the soundtrack of your life? I’d love to hear. Please share.

HOOKED ON A FELINE in the Magical Cats Mysteries is lucky number 13 for author Sofie Kelly. Not that this author needs luck with the way she writes! Pure talent is what led her here.

In HOOKED ON A FELINE, a murder in the present likely links to a murder in the past, with both victims being family. Following along on this investigation, I really felt as though I was present in the story. I became truly invested, needing to know the answers as much as protagonist, Kathleen. The best part was letting Kathleen do all the work. ;-)

Getting deeper into the mystery, the twists and turns were enough to set off my vertigo. But I held on tight, really concentrating, paying close attention to every detail until I finally knew . . . I am no Nancy Drew or Sofie Kelly. I was blindsided with the reveal.

HOOKED ON A FELINE has everything readers look for in a cozy mystery, making it a magical story that is a must read.

About Sofie Kelly

Sofie Kelly: Six Quick Questions

Sofie Kelly is the pseudonym of writer and mixed-media artist, Darlene Ryan. As Sofie Kelly she writes the New York Times bestselling Magical Cats mysteries. And as Sofie Ryan she writes the Second Chance Cats series. Sofie/Darlene lives on the east coast with her husband and daughter. In her spare time she practices Wu style tai chi and likes to prowl around thrift stores.

How did you get started as a writer?

I've been writing forever. (I won third prize in a poetry contest in third grade.) I wrote radio commercials for years and lots of bad short stories that I couldn't get published--for good reason--they were awful. But the more I wrote, the more I learned.

Did you always want to be a writer?

No. I wanted to move to California, become a director and marry Michael Cole from The Mod Squad, which gives you an idea of how old I am. I think I became a writer by evolution. I went from writing commercials and short stories to writing articles and eventually books.

Was English your favorite subject in school?

It wasn't--which always surprises people. My favorite subject was math, at least until calculus came along.

Where do you get your ideas?

Everywhere. It could be something I hear on the news. It could be something someone says to me, or something I overhear. (Yes, I'm guilty of eavesdropping in public.) And I like to watch people and make up stories about who they are and what they're doing.

What's the secret to writing a book?

The secret to writing a book is...that there is no secret. Writing a book is like everything else in life, you have to show up and do it. There may be writers who wait for inspiration to hit and then the words just pour out, but I'm not one of them. I work from an outline and I write a certain number of words each day. Some days it's easy. Some days I keep clicking on the Word Count and moaning, "Am I done yet?"

What do you like to read?

The short answer is everything. I read a lot of mystery,women's fiction, and paranormal, but if something about a book intrigues me--the title, the subject, sometimes even the cover art--I don't pay any attention to the genre. I tend to read more than one book at a time and one of them is usually non-fiction.

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Cozy Food Friday!

That means it's time to share a recipe from 
a friend!

This week's recipe is from author
Mary Anne Edwards!

Mary Anne is author of the
Charlie McClung Mysteries

Chicken-Tortilla Soup

1      teaspoon olive oil

1      cup chopped onions

2      garlic cloves, minced

2      cups shredded cooked chicken breast (10 to 12 ounces)

1      can of white shoepeg corn

¼     cup dry white wine

1      tablespoon jalapeno sauce

1      small can of chopped green chilies

1      teaspoon ground cumin

½     teaspoon chili powder

1      teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

2      cans chicken broth

1      can of tomato puree or diced peeled tomatoes (14.5 oz)

1      can of tomato soup

Optional: Sour cream and crushed tortilla chips

  • Heat olive oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. Add onion and garlic; sauté for 2 minutes.
  • Stir in cooked chicken and the following ten ingredients (chicken through tomato soup); bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer for 1 hour.
  • Ladle soup into bowls; top with tortilla chips and sour cream.

Yields: 8 servings

Fall is here and I can't think of a better
 way to warm up as the chill air starts settling in.

A big THANKK YOU to Mary Anne 
for sharing her recipe with us!

About Mary Anne Edwards

Born in Mercedes, Texas, Mary Anne has lived in Georgia for most of her life. A lifelong fan of authors such as Agatha Christie, Anne Perry, Caroline Graham, and Elizabeth Peters, it wasn’t until a few years ago that Mary Anne listened to the voices in her head and began writing her own series of traditional mysteries featuring Detective Charlie McClung.

The first book in the series, Brilliant Disguise, was released to critical acclaim in January 2014. She released the next three in the series, A Good Girl, Criminal Kind, and Sins of my Youth, soon afterward. The fifth book in the series, Flirting with Time, was released on June 30, 2017. Mary Anne released the sixth book, How Deep is the Darkness, on December 2, 2019, and is working on book seven, Complex Kid, with at least three more to follow.

Although Mary Anne is a middle-aged woman, she believes no matter how old you are, you should have fun. Don’t let anyone steal your joy by telling you that you’re too old. The main female protagonist in the Charlie McClung Mysteries is an exciting snapshot of the author’s sensibilities.

Mary Anne and her husband of 40+ years live in Canton, GA, with an ill-tempered tuxedo cat named Gertrude. Mary Anne volunteers at MUST Ministries and sits on the advisory board of Rockdale Cares, a non-profit advocacy group for the developmentally challenged.

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