Friday, March 4, 2022

Today thru Sunday I'm going to be leaving you some mysteries to solve. There's no giveaway involved. I just thought it would be fun to stretch our minds.

Try solving these without cheating (Goggle 😉).
Leave your answers in the comments. 
I post the answers the following day and your guesses the following day. 

Have fun!


A man 5'9" tall is found dead in a closed room.
The room is empty except for a puddle of water.

The man died by hanging himself from a 14 ft high fan.
How did the man reach the fan?


Dan killed his wife in front of many people. However, no one has the power to accuse him of the murder and send him to prison for his crime.

How can this be?



As shown in the picture below, a woman is found dead in the ladies bathroom. One of the people in the photo is her murderer.

Can you find the killer?

See you tomorrow with today's answers, and 3 more mysteries!

As always, please leave a comment and 
let me know what you think!

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  1. I need more coffee before attempting…
    be back, later.
    Happy Friday, Lisa!
    Pat T

  2. 1. Water raised him up, then drained out, leaving him hanging?
    2. It was a play, they were acting in?
    3. (I already know the answer to this one, so not posting a guess.)