Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Funnies with Ms. Karen, who I am in my daily life at school!

 Today I thought I might share some of the funny things that have been said to me this year at school. I work as an education assistant at an elementary or primary school here in British Columbia Canada and while I don't enjoy cozies that have kids in them with kids in harms way, I am so tempted to release a book about some of the incredible things I hear on a daily basis.

Some things are sweet, some sassy and some truly profound. This was my outfit on Thursday. My track pants, because I am always on the move, my Pokemon Sweatshirt (that I share with my boy friend as we both work in schools) and my new Snorlax hat, Snorlax is a big Pokemon who loves to eat and nap, pretty much me. I am posing with a copy of my new comic books that I picked up on Free Comic book day, which is the first Saturday of May. Kids loved my look, and I was cozy, I swear it was cold enough to snow. I work at a school that is near the Pacific Ocean, but we are in an area that gets a ton of wind and rain. 

What I heard this week in kindergarten was truly the sweetest thing, one of my young 5 year old students asked me to help him sort his spelling words and we were chatting, he looked at me with his big brown eyes and said "Ms. Karen your eyes smell beautiful!"  I was truly charmed and blown away by his statement that I mumbled, "thank you I just finished eating raspberries on my break". He just
smiled and we went back to sorting our spelling. Kids like this make the really yucky days just so worth it. I loved that he confused my eyes with my breath, could not correct the cuteness! 

This week I got a new hat, found it at my dollar store. I wear a vest so the kids know how to find me when I am on the playground and this particular $4 Canadian investment, was met with fits of hilarity, awe and awesomeness. I stand all of about 5 feet tall and my students had complained that they were having a hard time finding me on the playground even in my vest because "we are all taller than you"
 They are most assuredly not almost taller than me but I tell them they likely will be by summer if they keep eating there lunch. 
One of my first grade students yelled at me "Ms. Karen your hat makes you look like a duck, I love it" as I passed him on the playground. While staff and teachers alike laughed as I walked by but the truth is my head was covered, sun,wind or rain and I am good. A few grade 7 students told me my hat was "Over the top awesome" I however think it is not quite over the top enough and I may use my cricut to make it super special for Summer. 

Sometimes the hardest part of my job is keeping a straight face....
I work with one student who has Autism and whenever he is not wanting to work with me, or is frustrated he says to me " Well done, bye bye see you next week" this happens several times a day during non preferred activities, he is such a treat to be with and a really great kid, his mom told me that he tells his afterschool support to go in their car and drive away, so at least I am being told Well done. 

Another student in grade one pointed at my chest and asked me if "those were my boobs and why are they so squishy?"
I smiled and told him yes and because I was lucky.
After getting my hair cut and a very bad haircut at that a student said to me "Oh Ms. Karen did you use the scissors without your mom's permission? You are not supposed to cut your own hair"
I then tried to wear makeup to make myself feel a bit better about the bad cut and was told by the same student "Ms. Karen you are not supposed to wear makeup in kindergarten!" as I am north of age 5 by about 42 years I found this quite funny and also quite true, and now I make sure remember not to ever wear makeup to school again! 

Another student brought me her lunch bag, totally confused, clearly she and her mother had mixed up their bags as she did not know how to eat the packaged items in her lunch, IT CONTAINED A BOX OF TAMPONS AND THREE WRAPPED PADS, I quickly helped her to the office to make a quick call to mom, as her mortified mother was coming through the door with her actual lunch, red faced and horrified, but no damage done, that grade one student got a great life lesson and I got a great laugh.

 Lastly while I was helping a student with his mothers day writing, I had to ask What does your mother look like? What does your mother like to eat....
He said "My mother looks like a skinny body and she only eats chicken stock" needles to say I am sure that "all about my mom" book that went home may have earned a laugh or too, his mother has been on a diet recently and had great success, and now I guess I know why!

I hope that some of these may have brought a smile to your face this Sunday! 


  1. Cute and funny! Thanks, Karen.
    Happy Sunday, to you (and Lisa).

    Pat T

  2. Karen, kids say the darndest things. I remember one time my then boss' grandson looked at me and said "You're fat." LOL Like I don't own a mirror?