Saturday, May 14, 2022


There is something so wonderful in the word Weekend, and yet though I look forward to it, I am often so busy that the day just flies by! 

Depending where you are at in your life, Saturdays may just be another day, for some it is the day when it all happens, sports, cleaning, laundry, cooking and connecting with others. Now that covid is more at bay, I find that the day is even busier than ever, Weather permitting its baseball season, people getting together again and plans and people to make and meet. 

 All those things make me want to hide inside and read a really great book! In fact I think it is time for me to get a book and dive in. While I have myself a Kindle, I truly miss having the paper books in my hand and long strolls through the bookstore or library. These are activities I need to make a priority going forward.

I wonder dear readers if you feel the same way? I also wonder if you are someone who chooses a book by its cover? If you read books out of season?  If you read historical cozies as an escape or if you prefer a cozy tiny modern town? 

Are you someone who looks for the newest and greatest paranormal cozies...( I would be guilty of this) 

or do you dive into a more a traditional mystery? 

Let me know what you think by commenting below.

I would love to know your thoughts on the weekend, suggestions for great reads or maybe just pop a note comment here letting Lisa know you are still here! 

Thank you for having me host again today. I would love to hear from you you! 


  1. I read cozy mysteries, traditional mysteries and some historical fiction. The cover of a cozy mystery is often the first thing that draws me to it. Happy Saturday, Karen and Lisa!
    Pat T

    1. Covers pull me in too, Pat. First impressions I guess. Oh, but some pretty covers have let me down, while ones I never would have picked up turned out to become a favorites of mine.

  2. Love to read as a child and then being a mature adult interrupted my reading for a spell. Now as a senior citizen and retired, I'm happy to have more free time to indulge in reading. I love all sorts of books - except for sci-fi and fantasy - as long as they are a clean read. I'm definitely a book in hand person and it's the only way I read. Call me old fashioned, but I just got to be me. :) I enjoy stories in every era on occasion, but mainly read of this generation. I have often read a book because a cover screamed READ ME. And who doesn't love an out of season book? I'm all for a little snowy Christmas in the heat of July or a warm toasty day at the beach in December.

    While we have ventured out some (just recently taking our first little trip in 3 years but it was all outdoorsy type things), I'm also happy to be at home. Especially this time of year when it's sit on the front porch with fan on and something cold close at hand either reading or trying to photograph our daily critter visitors.

    Happy reading this weekend! As for me, I'll be diving into THE DIVA SAYS CHEESECAKE!.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Hey, Kay! I don't mind out of season books either. I'll read a Haalloween or CHristmas cozy any day of the year!

  3. I still wear a mask in stores. And I have always been a hand washer. It really helps in times like these to be the germaphobe I am.