Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5 Questions with Author Amy Hueston


Today we share our 5 question interview with Author and Singer Amy Hueston.

1) How did you become an author, was it an overnight event or birth rite? Overnight but the thought niggled in my head for years prior.

2) What or who inspired your writing? Stephen King and the Lawerence Sanders Archy McNally books, which take place in Palm Beach, as do my cozy mysteries in the Canine Confections series

3) How do you keep track of your ideas? My head, sometimes on my laptop or a stickie note.
4) What is the one thing you need, while writing? Nothing I need, but preferably one of my dogs close by.

5) How would you end this sentence, "Every author should own at least one of these things..." A dog. Or a cat. 

Thank you Amy for joining us today to learn more about Amy please click on any of the links provided below. 
Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to sharing more 5 question interviews with you again tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Karen, Amy (and Lisa).
    I need to check out this series.
    Happy Wednesday!
    Pat T

    1. Thanks for keeping Karen company, Pat while I'm away.

  2. Thank you so much for joining Karen, Amy!