Monday, May 2, 2022

5 questions with Author Vicki Vass


Today I would like to welcome Author Vicki Vass to Lisa K's blog. Vicki was actually introduced to me through Lisa and that relationship has brought me so much, I love her books, and was very much inspired by those books, her love of writing and her talent that drew me in page after page. So it is my great pleasure to share with you a bit about that magic today. 

 1)    How did you become an author, was it an overnight event or birth rite?

I’d say a little of both. I started reading when I was 4 following in my older brother’s footsteps. And, from the time I could read, I knew I wanted to write a book someday. I studied journalism in college and worked as a reporter and editor before finally writing my first book.


2)    What or who inspired your writing?
My father inspired my dream to become a writer as he always encouraged me.  My actual writing is often inspired by real life. My two best friends inspired the main characters in my Antique Hunters series which were based on our weekend shopping excursions throughout Chicago. My cats, Pixel and Terra, inspired the Bloodline series. My love for gemstones inspired the Gem Hunter. And now, I’m writing a screenplay involving diamonds, deception and daring loosely based on a true story.


3)    How do you keep track of your ideas?
Good question! I wish I were more organized, but I am not. I have a stack of papers on my desk that contain ideas. It may be a word, a character or a situation. I also have many half drafts on my computer waiting for me to finish them.  

4)    What is the one thing you need, while writing?

Diet Coke and my computer. I used to handwrite but cannot read my handwriting anymore. I also need my phone as I am currently writing a period piece and find myself having to Google clothing in the 1890s, major news events, etc.

5)    How would you end this sentence, "Every author should own at least one of these things..."
An orange cat. Pixel is constantly pushing me as I write, climbing over me and urging me to finish his story, book three in the Bloodline series, The Witch’s Apprentice. As I write now, he is looking at me judging me, saying, “Me story. Me story.”


Vicki Vass writes the Antique Hunter mystery series, chronicling the near-real adventures of her two best friends; The Bloodline paranormal mystery series and Gem Hunter. Her first movie, “Christmas at the Grey Horse Inn,” is scheduled for a November 2022 theatrical release. She currently is working on book three of the Bloodline series and a screenplay. Find out more at

A huge thank you to Author Vicki Vass for sharing with us today.

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Thank you for joining us today and please stop by tomorrow to find out who will be sharing with us Next. 


  1. Thanks, Karen, Vicki (and Lisa).
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    Pat T

  2. A great Q&A! Thank you, Karen for arranging it, and thank you, Vicki for taking part!

  3. Thank you for the little chat with Vicki. Love learning more about the authors of books I enjoy reading.

    May your May bring you flowers and sunshine, fun times and memory making days!
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