Sunday, May 8, 2022

5 Questions with Author Alice Loweecey


Today I am happy to share with you the answers from Author Alice Loweecey.

How did you become an author, was it over night or birth rite?

LOL, probably from birth. Starting in grade school, I was the kid who skipped recess to read one of the many books stashed in my desk. I’ve been writing since I could put a coherent sentence together. However, I can assure everyone that I shredded all my angst-filled adolescent poetry. You’re welcome.

What or who inspired your writing?

There isn’t a single answer to this. I spent a lot of my childhood exploring libraries. There’s nothing to compare with the scent of thousands of books! Does anyone remember the Scholastic Book flyers they used to distribute in schools? Christmas once a month! I was fortunate to be able to buy many books from that catalog over the years. Harriet the Spy inspired my mystery writing. A kids’ illustrated version of Lovecraft (really!) Inspired my horror writing.

How do you keep track of your ideas? Plot Bunny folders. So. Many Folders. Shiny New Ideas love to appear when I’m in the middle of something, so I write down the essentials and put it to bed with a fluffy blanket until I finish. As of this writing, I have 16 story ideas and 5 novel ideas. Ask me tomorrow and there’ll probably be more.

What is the one thing you need while writing? ONE thing? Depending on how the mojo is flowing, either my laptop or a fountain pen and paper. Coffee or tea. Wasabi peas. Watermelon.

How would you end this sentence, “Every author should own at least one of these things…” Really good books on the craft. Fellow writers who’ll give honest feedback. A compelling main character A chair with excellent back support. Someone to help with the housecleaning. A concrete goal: An agent, self-pub skills, a book deal with one of the big houses, audiobooks, TV and/or movie deals, or simply writing The End for the first time. A concrete goal, treating writing like a business, is a good impetus to keep at it.

Thank you to Alice for joining us here today. To learn more about this completed series and to learn about upcoming projects please visit Alice's website by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Alice! Thank you so much for joining Karen on the blog today! I loved reading your answers. PS . . . Next time we meet, I hope we have longer to talk!