Thursday, May 11, 2017

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May 11!

Things are going well for Astrid, including her date with Lance, but that's all about to change.

When Lance runs out on their date, the last thing Astrid wants is to be thrown into the middle of another investigation, especially not one involving the entire town. But with wolves appearing all over Emberdale, Lance not answering his calls, and a man dead on the sidewalk, this could be her hardest case yet.

A newcomer makes matters even worse when he revels a part of Lance's past the detective clearly wants hidden. Of course, this small discovery could be exactly what Astrid needs in order to get the town back to the way it was.

With the help of Kat, Sammy, and Ida, can Astrid break the spell, or is a town full of shifters their new reality?


May 12!

When Suzanne Hart is commissioned at the last minute to make donuts for a long-time customer’s birthday party, she happily complies, but when the guest of honor dies before the party can even begin, Suzanne taps Grace, Jake, and even Phillip to help her solve Jasper Finney’s homicide before the killer gets away with murder.

Wicked is in the eye of the beholder…

Lexi Balefire thought she was finished unearthing new and outrageous information about her heritage—turns out, she was dead wrong. Still reeling from the pain of ultimate betrayal, and the near-loss of her soul mate, Kin Clark, Lexi embarks on a journey through time, uncovering pieces of the Balefire family’s sordid past. 

Her mother’s witch blood combined with the divine essence of her father, Cupid, makes Lexi the most powerful Fate Weaver on the planet—but she’ll need to repair the pieces of Cupid’s Bow of Destiny in order to finally claim her birthright. 

Will Lexi succeed in keeping her loved ones safe, or will she get lost on her way to spell and back?

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