Monday, May 29, 2017

My love for reading cozy mysteries only started about five (give or take) years ago.
In that time I have read the most amazing books/series by dozens of brilliant authors. And there are new titles coming out all the time!

But what have I missed? Well, I went searching, and found this great sounding series!

by Sammi Carter 
aka Jacklyn Brady aka Sherry Lewis


No visit to Paradise, Colorado, is complete without a stop at Divinity Candy Shop for a little taste of heaven. For owner Abby Shaw, it’s a sweet deal too. When her Aunt Grace passed away, Abby Shaw inherited Divinity—and with it the opportunity to leave her career as a corporate lawyer and dump her cheating husband.  Now she spends her time serving up delectable treats—and performing the occasional deductive feat…
Making and selling sweets eases Abby’s heartache, but having Brandon Mills sweet on her eases it even more. The owner of a men’s clothing store, he invites Abby to the local merchants’ meeting where he’ll plead his case to extend the city’s annual arts festival. And then he wants to cap off the night with a romantic dinner for two. 
But Brandon never shows. His store is destroyed by fire and his body discovered in the rubble—and Abby is shocked to find that few people in town mourn his death. Paradise’s business owners were threatened by Brandon’s ambitious nature—and several men felt threatened by the attention he showered on their wives. And when her brother becomes the number one suspect, Abby holds her own investigation to find out who really killed Brandon—for love or money… 

Includes Candy Recipes


There’s no use sugar-coating it—no one in Paradise can stand Savannah Horne. The former local girl is now the trophy wife of a ridiculously wealthy businessman. And she’s swept back into town just in time to enter Divinity’s Tenth Annual Confectionary Competition—and stir up trouble. But some poisoned bon-bons will guarantee that Savannah won’t make it out of Paradise alive, trapping Abby in an extremely sticky situation…

Includes Candy Recipes


Paradise’s local artists are up in arms when wealthy Felicity Asbury names herself director of the annual Arts Festival. But she soon gets her just desserts. Abby finds Felicity dead in Divinity’s parking lot—an awl lodged in her chest. And when evidence points to Abby as the suspect, she must put aside her sweets-making for sleuthing to discover who was twisted enough to do the deed.

 Includes Candy Recipes  


When Abby Shaw witnesses a stranger gunned down on the highway, she's convinced that she's seen a murder.  The only problem is, when she returns to the scene with the police, there's no body.  Even elbow-deep in hot syrup, Abby still gets chills thinking about it, and is determined to find out the truth—yet when a body does turn up, days later, wishy-washy witnesses make things sticky. It’s not as if Abby can take her sweet time figuring it out—she’s busy running Divinity, training a new employee, and assistant-coaching her nephews’ basketball team, not to mention reconnecting with an old friend. But she discovers things aren’t always as they seem, especially when it comes to keeping deadly secrets…
Includes Candy Recipes


Abby's life is sweet. She’s settling into running her candy shop, dealing with her busy-body family, and maintaining a solid-if-slow relationship with local police detective Pine Jawarski. But Abby’s smooth sailing soon turns into rocky road when a friend asks her to audition for a production with some considerably talented locals. Out of curiosity, Abby pops her head into the chaotic audition--and finds a dead star center stage. Now she needs to find the true culprit and clear her friend’s name before her newfound happiness is totally fudged…
Includes Candy Recipes

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  1. Lisa, this sounds like a good series. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  2. I have read all of this series of books by Sammi Carter. I was disappointed when there were no other ones to come. Thank you for sharing them on your blog. robeader53(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Another series I have to check out. Thanks.

  4. I have Candy Apple Dead but haven't read it yet. I'm hoping to start it soon.

  5. Author and series are new to me. But would love to read. On my TBR. Della

  6. Like Mary B, this is another series to check out. Remember all our military on their special day. Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day and thanks for sharing about this series.