Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Book 3 in the Hamptons Home & Gardens Mysteries
by Kathleen Bridge

In the latest mystery from the author of Better Homes and Corpses and Hearse and Gardens, Hamptons interior designer and antiques picker Meg Barrett uncovers a veil of spooky goings-on... 

The first Sag Harbor Antiquarian Book and Ephemera Fair is right around the corner, and interior designer Meg Barrett has her hands full decorating rooms at the Bibliophile Bed & Breakfast for wealthy rare book collector Franklin Hollingsworth. Rumor has it Hollingsworth is in possession of an unpublished manuscript written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When the Fitzgerald manuscript's authenticator is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, Meg suspects a killer is on the loose.

Rare books start disappearing from the B & B and Meg sees a connection between the stolen books and the deceased authenticator. With the fair looming, she finds herself caught up in catching a killer and thief before another victim is booked for death.



Author Kathleen Bridges does it again. Fans of the Hampton Home & Garden Mysteries are going to love this third installment!

You know you’re in for a fast moving, exciting story when it starts off with a hurricane brewing! And indeed, by the end of chapter two of GHOSTAL LIVING, I already felt the energy of this tale growing, and I prepared myself to be blown away. I was!

Kicked back in my recliner with a cold soda at my side, I dived into GHOSTAL LIVING and was almost half way finished with the book when I came up for air. There was so much going on! Between the storm, a murder, and everything lead character, Meg Barrett was trying to juggle in her life, I simply had to keep reading “just one more page”.  

Speaking of Meg Barrett, she’s really someone I enjoy reading. I like that author Bridges writes Meg with a hearing impairment. While I adore most protagonists in the cozy mysteries I read, a large percentage of them tend to be too perfect.

Kathleen Bridge is such a clever writer. She knows just what it takes to pen a mystery that will keep the reader interested, and guessing. So much so, that when I finished reading GHOSTAL LIVING, I was wishing I had another book by this author to read!

Make sure to keep reading one the story is over, or you’ll miss out on great tips for repurposing vintage items, and some mouthwatering recipes! 

is out now!

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