Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kathi Daley 
has a new book!

You know what that means don't you? 


Kathi is celebrating the release of 
Book 6 in the Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mysteries

Bethany Halderman, a good friend of Lani's, calls and informs her that her sister Cammy has been killed in an accident. The accident was determined to be just that, an accident, but Bethany isn't so sure that is the case. it seems that prior to her accident, Cammy was involved in a contest with a grand prize of $1,000,000. The day of her accident Cammy called Bethany and told her she suspected there was more going on than met the eye. Later that evening she was dead. Bethany called Lani and asked for her help in uncovering the truth about what really happened to Cammy. The contest, which involves unlocking clues which lead to locations around the island where the next clue can be found, has a clause which allows for a substitute to be named should one of the contestants be unable to finish. Lani decides that the best way to help Bethany find out what happened to her sister is to enter the contest as Cammy's replacement. She takes two weeks off work from her job as a water safety officer and travels to Maui.

Once Lani gets a feel for the game she quickly realizes that something odd is going on with the hacks which are part of the game. Luke is visiting his family and Lani needs a tech nerd to help her with the brains part of the competition, so she calls new friend Zak Zimmerman and asks if he and Zoe would be willing to come to Maui to help her uncover the conspiracy behind the mystery. 

Join Luke and Lani, Zak and Zoe, as they race to uncover the clues faster than anyone else while outwitting a hacker and identifying a killer.


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  1. Thanks, Lisa (and Kathi). Happy Tuesday, to you.

  2. Thanks, Lisa (and Kathi). Happy Tuesday, to you.

  3. Lisa, Is there not a "enter" for everyday on this giveaway? I entered yesterday and went back today but there was no enter button. Thanks Lisa and Kathi. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Hi Phyllis. I went over to Rafflecopter and checked. It is set up to do every day. Though it says every day, it may be a "24 hour period". Please give it a try again.

  4. Thanks Lisa and Kathi!! Love the idea of a murder mystery and clue hunt with Lani, Zack, Zoe and Luke!!