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YARN OVER MURDER by Meggie Sefton

Book 12 in the Knitting Murder Mystery series 
by Maggie Sefton

In the latest installment of the New York Times bestselling Knitting Mysteries, Kelly Flynn and the House of Lambspun knitters may be able to save the helpless animals in danger from a raging Colorado wildfire, but not the unexpected victim of a cold-blooded murder…
Kelly and her knitting pals were checking out the wares at the annual Wool Market when news spread about the wildfires threatening the canyon ranches. With temperatures scorching, the alpacas belonging to Kelly’s good friend Jayleen are in danger. Working fast, Kelly and her pals hightail the herd to the nearby pasture owned by rancher Andrea Holt. But their rescue mission is interrupted by a screaming match where Connie, a longtime employee of House of Lambspun, accuses Andrea of stealing her husband.
Days later, Andrea is found dead at her ranch—and suspicion immediately falls on Connie. Now Kelly and her friends must untangle this yarn before Connie ends up dangling by a thread.


Author Maggie Sefton has spun another exciting yarn in the Knitting Mystery series.

First let me say that I love that Ms. Sefton includes a cast of characters list at the beginning of her books. For new comers to the series it’s a wonderful guide to help you catch up and keep on track. Or, if you have a Swiss cheesed memory like mine, it will help those returning to the series with a remindful nudge.

Readers might think a series that is on its twelfth installment may be the same ole, same old. That is far from true with this series, and book number twelve, YARN OVER MURDER. While returning us to familiar character and settings, Ms. Sefton manages to keep things fresh and exciting. A true sign of a gifted writer.

The horrible High Park wildfire near Fort Collins, Colorado, serves as part of the backdrop in this story. Author Sefton deftly intermingled protagonist Kelly and her knitting group into the real life drama. She created an electrifying murder mystery in this story and proved yet again her why she is an admired author. And she has solidified the future of this wonderful series.

If you’ve never read another book in this series, please do read YARN OVER MURDER and enjoy a truly exciting story. 
(Warning: Reading this book will make you want to read the rest of the series. J)

And don’t stop reading once the story is done or you’ll miss a knitting pattern, a recipe, and a sneak peek of book number lucky thirteen, PURL UP AND DIE! 


Book 6 in the Farmer's Market Mystery series 
by Paige Shelton

The New York Times bestselling author of Merry Market Murder returns to Bailey’s Farmers’ Market where Becca Robins must get her cousin out of a jam…
This summer, Becca is looking forward to selling her delicious jams and preserves, but things are changing fast at the farmers’ market. A fleet of food trucks has arrived for a two week visit, peddling cupcakes, tacos, chicken wings, and more—including a gourmet hot dog  truck operated by Becca’s own cousin, Peyton.

Tensions between truck operators and market vendors over their required licenses reach a crescendo when the town’s  business  manager is murdered. With Peyton already under suspicion of stealing money and a secret recipe from the restaurant where she worked in Arizona, the cops start grilling her as their prime suspect. Now it’s up to Becca to clear her cousin and find out who at the market gave themselves a license to kill.


I can’t say enough good things about the Farmer’s Market Mystery series. It has been a delight since book one and only gets better with each installment!

Every trip I take to Monson and Bailey’s Farmer’s Market is more enjoyable than the ones before. The reason for that is quite simple . . . author Paige Shelton’s writing. She takes each new installment of this series to a new level, all the while maintaining the original feel of the series which made readers fall in love with it in the first place.

BUSHEL FULL OF MURDER was a real page turner that I hated to put down for even a moment. The murder happens close to eighty pages into the book, which gave a wonderful depth to the setup of the story. I’ve said this a lot, but I enjoy a book more when the author takes the time at the beginning to let the reader really feel like a part of the story before the body is found. Once the murder did take place, the story became even more riveting. Packed with plenty of suspects and loads of questions, this was a wonderfully plotted mystery that will have readers turning up the volts on their thinking caps!

BUSHEL FULL OF MURDER was a bushel full of excitement and fun. Way to go Ms. Shelton!

And don’t forget to check out the back of the book for some great recipes. 

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  1. So many books! Both of these look great. Thanks for the reviews.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I think you've been on a reading frenzy, lately! :) Good for you!

  3. Oh my gosh! Love it! More books for my tbr!

  4. I like the Farmer's Market series too! Can't wait for the new one!