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HOOKED ON EWE by Hannah Reed

Book 6 in the Manor House Mystery series 
by Julie Hyzy 

The New York Times bestselling author of the Manor House Mysteries and the White House Chef Mysteries shows how a blast from the past can spell trouble for Grace Wheaton…

When Grace’s estranged sister Liza shows up on her doorstep, the timing couldn’t be worse. Grace’s beloved boss and benefactor, Bennett Marshfield, has finally gotten her to agree to a DNA test to establish if he is, in fact, her uncle. If so, Grace would move from being the trusted curator and manager of Marshfield Manor to Bennett’s heir. And her duplicitous sister would be right behind her in the line of inheritance.

Liza is not the only mysterious visitor to arrive in town. A man claiming to be an FBI agent has shown up, and a swarm of avaricious antique collectors have descended on Emberstowne for a prestigious convention. When Bennett reveals he’s in mind to acquire a secret antique and the FBI agent turns up dead, the plot thickens. And Grace can’t help but wonder if Liza is at the center of it all…


If you ask people what series author Julie Hyzy writes, many will answer The White House Chef Mysteries, which are wonderful! But cozy readers would be remiss if they overlooked the Manor House Mysteries.

Ms. Hyzy has penned another wonderful installment in this series. She has really ampted up the mystery and intrigue (I wouldn’t have thought it possible), and has written a story that not only does her proud, but will thrill readers. You’ll be second guessing yourself when you think you know who the killer is. There certainly are plenty of twists and turns that lead you to the very exciting conclusion.

You’re going to love this sixth book in the Manor House series. It was well worth the wait! But, it will makes readers very impatient in their wait for book 7! 


Book 2 in the Scottish Highland Mystery series 
by Hannah Reed 

In national bestselling author Hannah Reed’s latest Scottish Highlands mystery, aspiring romance novelist Eden Elliott discovers the landscape isn’t the only thing that’s dramatic when a local woman is done in...

It’s early September in Glenkillen, Scotland, when American expat (and budding romance novelist) Eden Elliott is recruited by the local inspector to act as a special constable. Fortunately it’s in name only, since not much happens in Glenkillen.

For now Eden has her hands full with other things: preparing for the sheepdog trial on the MacBride farm—a fundraiser for the local hospice—and helping her friend Vicki with her first yarn club skein-of-the-month deliveries. Everything seems to be coming together—until the head of the welcoming committee is found strangled to death with a club member’s yarn.

Now Eden feels compelled to honor her commitment as constable and herd together the clues, figure out which ones are dogs, and which ones will lead to a ruthless killer . . .


I didn’t read the first book in this series, OFF KILTER, but I am a fan of Hannah Reed’s Queen Bee Mysteries, so, when I was offered the chance to read this book, I was excited to read it, although I wasn’t sure I could get into a story set in the Scottish Highlands, but I found it to be a fun and refreshing change. It really showed that author Hannah Reed did her research into Scottland, something I’m sure she enjoyed as much as I did reading about it.

I liked protagonist, Eden Elliot right away. She’s a very dynamic character. I enjoyed getting to know the Chicago transplant as she herself was still adjusting to her new life in Glenkillen Scottland. I will be purchasing book one in this series, OFF KILTER, so I can read more about her move to a new country. I also quite liked the supporting cast of characters and look forward to learning more about them in future books.

This was an excellent mystery that captured my interest quickly and kept me turning page after page to eagerly read more. I was sorry to get to the end of the book. I can’t wait for the next exciting installment!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! Appreciated, as always.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I'm especially looking forward to Hooked on Ewe.

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I'm especially looking forward to Hooked on Ewe.

  4. Two very different types of cozies!