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WOUND UP IN MURDER by Betty Hechtman

Book 3 in the Yarn Retreat Mystery series 
by Betty Hechtman

In the newest Yarn Retreat Mystery from the national bestselling author of Silence of the Lamb’s Wool, dessert chef Casey Feldstein continues to develop her hidden talents for knitting…and solving murders.

With two yarn retreats in the bag, Casey is looking forward to running her third one at Cadbury by the Sea’s Vista Del Mar hotel on the Monterey Peninsula. This time, each knitter will get a Mystery Bag of knitting materials to turn into a personal project.

But Casey gets tangled up in another retreat at the same hotel, when the organizer and his wife have a very public spat. As Casey is delivering her baked goods later that night, she finds the woman dead in the bushes with a magician’s silk scarf nearby—just like the scarf Casey’s ex-boyfriend, Sammy, used during his magic act at the retreat. As Sammy takes center stage as the prime suspect, Casey and her friends will have to stitch together the clues before the real killer pulls a disappearing act...

Includes knitting patterns and a recipe


New and returning readers alike are really going to enjoy this installment in the Yarn Retreat Mysteries. The book starts off with a nice recap that helps new readers to this series feel right at home. No guessing on how series lead, Casey Feldstein ended up where she is doing what she does. That being said, do get the first two books anyway, because who wants to miss out on a good thing? J Oh . . . and you don’t have to know how to knit to read this series!

Author Betty Hechtman certainly knows how to write a story that holds your attention. This was one of those books that I was thinking about when I couldn’t be reading it. It has something for everyone. It’s packed with likeable characters, which include Casey’s black cat, Julius, a beautiful setting, yummy food, and a captivating mystery.

WOUND UP IN MURDER is a perfect book for your summer/vacation reading list. It would also make a wonderful gift for any cozy mystery fan, or if you have someone in your life that loves to knit. No matter who you get a copy for, you just can’t go wrong.

Keep reading once the story is done for fun knitting patterns and sweet recipes!


Book 6 in the Key West Food Critic Mystery series 
by Lucy Burdette

In the latest Key West Food Critic mystery, Hayley Snow’s beat is reviewing restaurants for Key Zest magazine. But she sets aside her knife and fork when a dear friend is accused of murder…

Hayley Snow looks forward to reviewing For Goodness Sake, a new floating restaurant that promises a fresh take on Japanese delicacies like flambéed grouper with locally sourced seaweed. But nearby land-based restaurateurs would rather see their buoyant competition sink.

Sent to a City Commission meeting to cover the controversy, Hayley witnesses another uproar. The quirky performers of the daily Sunset Celebration are struggling to hold onto their performance space. The fight for Mallory Square has renewed old rivalries between Hayley’s Tarot-card reading friend Lorenzo and a flaming-fork-juggling nemesis, Bart Frontgate—but things take a deadly turn when Bart is found murdered.

If Lorenzo could read his own cards, he might draw The Hanged Man. He can only hope that Hayley draws Justice as she tries to clear him of murder…



Author Lucy Burdette has cooked up a delectable new course in the delicious Key West Food Critic series that made me hungry for more! Readers are going to be thrilled with this latest installment.

It was so good to be back in Key West with food critic Hayley Snow. I think being a food critic would be so great. Unfortunately I’m a picky eater, so my career would be short lived, but that just makes it even more fun to live it through Hayley! Um, just hold the dead bodies please. J

I just love it when authors start off their chapters with quotes or tidbits of information. Ms. Burdette has done so, with the most fun food related quotes. Anticipating each new quote was a lot of fun. It was hard not to peek ahead and read them.

Fatal Reservations was a fantastic addition to this series. One of the best so far. This story moved along at a great pace, never leaving a dull moment. Just the opposite . . . I didn’t want to miss one word! Every chapter brought more excitement, and more questions because there were so many misleads to keep me guessing. And it all led up to a scrumptious reveal that I never saw coming.

Don’t stop reading once the story is over or you’ll miss a lot of yummy recipes and a sneak peek of Book 7, KILLER TAKOUT.


Book 3 in the Merry Muffin Mystery series 
by Victoria Hamilton

From the national bestselling author of Muffin but Murder, baker Merry Wynter returns with a fresh tray of muffins and a case that has authorities stumped…

They say one’s home is one’s castle, but when it comes to Wynter Castle, Merry would like it to belong to someone else. But until a buyer bites, she could use some extra dough, so she decides to take in renters. The idea pans out, and Merry’s able to find a handful of tenants eager to live in a real castle. The only problem is most of them are crumby, tea-swilling old biddies.

The Legion of Horrible Ladies, as Merry calls them, is led by the terribly nasty—and fabulously wealthy—Cleta Sanson. The abrasive Englishwoman keeps everyone whipped into a frenzy—until she meets an embarrassing end behind a locked door. Evidence reveals that Cleta was murdered, yet no one is privy to how the deed was done. Merry knows she must quickly find the killer before another of her guests gets greased…



Books one and two in this series were completely delightful. Getting to know Merry and be with her as she adjusts to life at Wynter Castle. But muffin . . . I mean, nothing prepared me for The Legion Of Horrible Ladies in DEATH OF AN ENGLISH MUFFIN. Fantastic! Merry had no idea what she was getting herself into when she rented rooms to that group of ladies.

Author Victoria Hamilton has really raised the bar with this installment of her Merry Muffin series. Extremely well written, as are all of Ms. Hamilton’s books, each and every chapter was a fun adventure I didn’t want to end. The mystery was tight and intriguing, leading up to a shocking, clever reveal that was inspired.  

This was definitely one of those books that when finished, I hoped the next book in my to be read stack could measure up.

For return readers, prepare yourself for the best installment yet. If you haven’t read this series yet, be assured, you can read DEATH OF AN ENGLISH MUFFIN and not feel lost. Author Hamilton did a great job in the beginning of getting readers caught up.

Be sure to check out the back of the book so you don’t miss out on some delicious recipes!  

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! I am so looking forward to Fatal Reservations, having read the rest of the series.

  2. Wow my reading list just grew by 3 ! I can't wait to feast my eyes on these books the recipes are a great bonus.