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I'm very happy to be a stop on 
author Laura Pauling's blog tour for
Book 1 in the Holly Hart Cozy Mystery series

Cheesecake, Love, and Murder! It’s the Grand Opening for Holly Hart’s new business, Just Cheesecake. When footprints in the frosting lead to a body facedown in one of her cheesecakes, Holly becomes a prime suspect. With her opening day delayed, Holly deals with a nosy no-good reporter and the local cop, the handsome Officer Trinket, as she puts her sleuthing skills to the test to save her business and her name. With the help of her dog, Muffins, she needs to find the real murderer, before the killer looks to frost someone else.

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The action hit the ground running in this first book in the Holly Hart Cozy Mystery series. The moment lead character Holly for out of bed on the first page, things really did take off for her and the reader.

Author Laura Pauling seems to have a solid protagonist in Holly Hart. She doesn’t come across as perfect, and that’s refreshing. There is a great supporting cast of characters, including Charlene who is a real force of nature . . . like a tornado. And for pet lovers, there is Muffins a pup that is more than a handful.

For FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROSTING to be book 1 in a series, Ms. Pauling did a wonderful job of writing an intriguing and engaging mystery, which led to a surprise ending.

I really look forward to reading more books in this series!

About the author

Laura writes about spies, murder and mystery. She's the author of the exciting Circle of Spies Series, the Prom Impossible Series and the time travel mystery series, Heist and A Royal Heist. She's a former elementary teacher and currently lives in New England. After spending time reading books to her kids and loving a good plot turn, she put her fingers to the keyboard. Don't ask her about the unfinished quilts and scrapbooks. Stories are way more exciting. She writes to entertain and experience a great story...and to be able to work in her jammies and slippers. 

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Holly Hart series!

The Prequel 

Holly has a plan to escape the rigid confines of her life her parents have planned for her. She wants to open up a cheesecake shop and live peacefully in a small town. But when her Aunt Lizzie is murdered, Holly's plans are ruined because her aunt was funding her escape. 

Out of grief and love and determined to solve the mystery of her aunt's murder, with the help of Muffins, her dog, and her childhood best friend, Teddy, she embarks on a trail of clues that will lead to family secrets she's not sure she ever wanted to know. Especially when the killer notices and she becomes the next target.

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Book 2

The Fourth of July means cookouts and celebrations. While selling cheesecake tortes at the fireworks--even though Holly's nemesis, Millicent Monroe, steals the show with over-the-top sales gimmicks--Holly rescues a napping lady from a stray firework. 

Except Agatha Poppleton wasn't napping--she's dead. 

With the help of her friends, and her dog, Muffins, Holly sneaks in some sweet revenge while chasing down clues. She realizes it might have been a mistake to hide her plans from the handsome Officer Trinket when she comes face to face with the killer.

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  1. Sounds like a fun series! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like an exciting and fun book. Thank you for the review.

  3. This is a new author to me and from your wonderful review, Lisa, I am truly looking forward to reading this series. I definitely love cozies about food and also like to read books by New England authors since this issue where I live too. Thank you for introducing this author and series to me.

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I also meant to comment on the most interesting and fun names that the author gave to the characters in her book. Each one mentioned, made me smile and that is definitely a wonderful way to look forward to a book in addition to a great and fun story. Lisa, if you got almost duplicate postings on this earlier today, there was something going on with Google and it kept deleting my replies for some reason, so I had no idea which one got through or if both did. And there was a typo as my device changed a word too. I had not checked it over when it deleted the message, so sorry about that.

  6. Thank you for sharing, looks like a great series

  7. All that cheesecake looks so good! The books look good too!

  8. I agree. For her first, she hit the ground running, as did this book. I had such fun and am reading the other books now!