Friday, June 26, 2015

When my friend, Edel Waugh, who runs 
suggested that we both interview some of our favorite bloggers, I was thrilled to do it!

Of course, I couldn't do blogger reviews and not interview Edel herself! 

Edel Waugh
Edel's Book, Beauty, Life Blog

LKBR: Hi Edel. Thank you so much for being here today.

EW: Thanks so much for having me! I love your blog and Facebook page, it's so much fun to stop by for a chat on here today!

LKBR: I know of course you are a big reader now. Did you read a lot when you were a child? If so, what did you like to read?

EW: I did read a huge amount as a child. In fact I learned to read all the quicker because I loved books so much, then I could read as much as I wanted.

LKBR: Bookstores, on-line shopping, or libraries . . . which is your favorite way to acquire your books?

EW: All Three - libraries because if I have not read an author’s books before then I will check them out from the library first. Bookstores because I love to wander around in there, there is always soothing music and beautiful covers to look at. On line because one of my favorite genres are cozy mysteries and I can't get them in bookstores here so I need on line shops for to get my fix of all things cozy! 

LKRB: What is one of your favorite reading spots other than your home?

EW:  In the car at the beach ... It's just so pretty there! 

LKBR: I know you’re a cozy mystery reader like I am. What other genres do you enjoy?

EW: I enjoy almost all genres, high fantasy is my least favorite.

LKBR: How long have you been a blogger/reviewer?

EW: I have been blogging three years and Vlogging one year.

LKBR: What inspired you to start your own blog?

EW: I needed to talk about books even if no one ever replied to a single comment. I just needed to get it out there! 

LKBR: What is your favorite part, other than the reading, of being a blogger/reviewer?

EW: It's the like minded people you meet who share the same love of reading and enjoy bookish matters. Book people are pretty awesome! Yourself included Lisa!

LKBR: Do you have a set time that your work on your blog? Or is it a matter of you do it when you can?

EW: I plan in the evenings mostly but I often get ideas throughout the day and hit them down as I remember them.

LKBR: When you’re not reading, and working on reviews and your site, what do you like to do?

EW: I have four dogs and one cat, three are rescue animals. My little fur family. I love walking and esp with them, I like finding trails and going wandering in forests and near nature. I like to cook, stews, soups, nourishing foods! I am a huge fan of journaling , I was really sick in the new year so it became a hobby while I was getting better and then it became a great way to keep track of everything I needed to do and it grew from there! I love to send snail mail, I just love sending and receiving it, much more fun than bills in the post!  


LKBR: What are three things you would like people to know about you?

I would like to write a book about miscarriage. I lost my fourth baby in January and I don't think there is enough resources and information out there for women especially in Ireland where I am. 

I am going to be on the BBC World Service on Saturday. Talking about authors and podcasts. 

I literally have collected thousands of books through the years and they have needed to be moved a few time!!! Never again!! I did sleep for a week with them as my bedroom was being redecorated. I went to sleep with all these wonderful authors surrounding me each night.

LKBR: Edel, thank you for your great answers!

EW: Thank you so much for having me Lisa!!!!! 
It has been lovely stopping by! 

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  1. Wonderful interview! Thank you, Lisa and Edel!

  2. Great interview!

  3. Fun interview! I have to say I didn't want to read fast when I was growing up because that just meant I would run out of things to read. We didn't live in town so we had to pay something for every book we checked out of the library. So I had to make them last. Thanks!