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CAUGHT READ-HANDED by Terry Farley Moran

Book 2 in the Read 'Em And Eat Mystery series 
by Terrie Farley Moran

From the national bestselling author of Well Read, Then Dead comes the second mystery featuring Sassy Cabot and Bridgy Mayfield, who bring Fort Myers Beach, Florida, residents plenty of sinful treats and killer reads at their bookstore café, Read ’Em and Eat.

Happy to help her fellow bibliophiles, Sassy visits the local library with book donations for their annual fundraising sale. Unfortunately, the welcoming readers’ haven is in turmoil as an argument erupts between an ornery patron and new staff member, Tanya Lipscombe—also known as “Tanya Trouble.” She may lack people skills, but everyone is shocked when she’s later found murdered in her own hot tub.

The man last seen arguing with Tanya is soon arrested. But Alan Mersky, a veteran with PTSD, happens to be the brother of Sassy’s former boss—and he’s no murderer. Now it’s up to Sassy and Bridgy to clear Alan’s name and make sure the real killer gets booked.

Includes a recipe for Miss Marple scones!


The first book in this series, WELL READ, THEN DEAD, was one of my top three favorite first books in a new series in 2014. I devoured it. So, to say I have been looking forward to CAUGHT READ-HANDED, well, that doesn’t even come close to how much I’ve wanted to read this book. I have to say . . . it was worth the wait!

Author Terrie Farley Moran has done it again in the second installment of her Read ‘Em And Eat Mystery series. She has taken her gift of amazing story telling and lifted it to a whole new level. The murder mystery in this story was so well plotted, every page bringing clues and misleads. Ms. Moran kept the story fast moving and intriguing, make this book very hard to put down for any length of time. When the reveal came toward the end of the story, it was a real surprise. I never saw it coming!

I really did love my trip back to Fort Myers Beach, FL, and the time I spent at the Read ‘Em And Eat café with Sassy, Bridgy, Aunt Ophey, and the cast of supporting characters. Like my last visit, it was over far too soon, and I found myself back in the real world of DE looking forward to my next visit.

In the pages of this book, with every word, through every character, I could feel the author’s love for her series. Knowing that this story was penned with such care, made reading it even more enjoyable. Well done Ms. Moran. Brava!

Make sure to check out the back of the book for the yummy recipe for Miss Marple’s Orange Ice Scones by Karen Owen, and featured in CAUGHT READ-HANDED. 


Book 6 in the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series 
by Virginia Lowell

As the national bestselling Cookie Cutter Shop mysteries return, things are heating up for Olivia Greyson, her best friend, Maddie, and the rest of the crew at The Gingerbread House—until a cold case puts their plans on ice…

Olivia’s mom, Ellie, is always cooking up new schemes, but her latest idea has Livie and Maddie especially excited. Ellie’s converting an old boarding house into an arts and crafts school—one that, of course, houses a kitchen for those interested in baking. But right as renovations start, the workers discover a pile of bones buried within the boarding house’s walls, evidence of a long forgotten crime.

A silver necklace with a cookie cutter charm is found within the remains, convincing one of the workers that the bones are the remains of her father, who’s been missing for over five years. Of course, Livie and Maddie can’t resist the allure of investigating. But they’re about to discover that digging up the secrets of the past can be deadly dangerous…



The Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series was one of the first cozy mystery series I read. I’ve loved it from the first sentence of book one, COOKIE DOUGH OR DIE, and after finishing the last sentence of DEAD MEN DON’T EAT COOKIES, I love it even more!

Author Virginia Lowell has penned a series that continues to get better with every book. And this one is no exception.

I always enjoy my time spent with Olivia Greyson and her best friend and business partner Maddie at The Gingerbread House. Ms. Lowell has written these characters and the supporting cast in a way that truly makes them feel like old friends.

Ms. Lowell wasted no time getting the mystery going in this story with the discovery of the body happening almost right away. The investigation that follows has lots of ups and downs, and twists and turns, all leading up to a climatic reveal!

This book reminded me once again why adore this series and has secured its place in my favorite.

And don’t miss the yummy recipe at the back of the book!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! I'm so looking forward to Caught Read-Handed. I love the cover of Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies.

  2. Great reviews! I'll be reading the first one here shortly as well. Love how the series combines the mystery with that charming cafe and visits areas I'm closer to. Happy reading!

  3. Thanks so much for the reviews! I really appreciate them!

  4. Thank you Lisa! I am looking forward to reading these books. I am a fan of the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series too! I think I am a couple books behind. :( Thank you for the great reviews.