Friday, January 21, 2022

Hi! It's Karen from the long neglected blog A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery....Today I am taking over again from our friend Lisa K. 

As I sit here eating my crackers and cheese, I was thinking about that cozy feeling I get when having such a simple snack and how the simplest things about life are some of the things I love most about the cozy mysteries we read. 

In my daily life now I find myself working in a school with students who provide me with an amazing amount of joy and entertainment, oh and material....

I like to dabble in writing. I have started more than a half dozen cozies, more in my mind than on paper and I am constantly inspired by their curiosity, determination and well their humor.

My favorite game to play with the kids in my grade 1/2 class is "would you rather". I started doing this with them in kindergarten and it caught on like wildfire.

 So I thought during today's take over we could play together.  Here is my COZY MYSTERY WOULD YOU RATHER GAME. How we will play is this you leave your comments below as to which you would rather to the questions I pose, all in the name of fun....
Here we go....

Would you rather a cozy mystery that has 
A: A Main Character in their mid 20's to early 30's
B: A Main Character in their later 30's+

Would you rather a cozy sidekick be:
A: A dog or a Cat?
B: An Animal that is a small woodland creature?

Would you rather your Cozy Mystery be:
A: Located in a Tropical Oasis 
B: Cozy Mountain Town

Would you rather have a main character with:
A: Attitude
B: An Accent

Would you rather have a setting where the main character:
A: Was a Coffee Enthusiast?
B: Was a Tea Enthusiast? 

I hope these five questions you find fun and interesting. I am really curious as to the answers of these questions so if you would do me the favor of leaving your answers below I would be so grateful!

I really love this game and we play it every day, if this is a post you like do let us know because I would love to do more of them, that is if Lisa lets me...
Thanks for reading today and thank you to Lisa for letting me take over, and I will be back tomorrow because I did something I thought was impossible, I finished reading the my first book in months, I shall share more about that tomorrow.


  1. Hi, Karen (and Lisa).
    1. B
    2. A
    3. B
    4. B
    5. Either one
    Happy Friday!

  2. Answer to Question 1: B-A character that is 30+
    Answer to Question 2: A- I want my sidekick to be a Cat.
    Answer to Question 3: B- Cozy Mountain Town.
    Answer to Question 4: A- Main character with Attitude.
    Answer to Question 5: B- I want the setting where the character is a Tea enthusiast.

  3. #1 B: A Main Character in their later 30's+
    #2 B: An Animal that is a small woodland creature
    #3 B: Cozy Mountain Town
    #4 A: Attitude
    #5 B: Was a Tea Enthusiast
    this was fun. thanks for getting me to thinking :)

  4. Question 1 – B
    Question 2 – A
    Question 3 – B
    Question 4 – A
    Question 5 – B
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Hi, Karen, Just read this post, so here's my answers: ?1. B-even older is fine; 2. A-but love cats more, maybe; 3. B-Cozy Mtn Town or Paris, London, etc.; 4. A-but either is okay; 5. B-but have enjoyed mysteries with characters who loved coffee and ones who loved tea. Fun. Hope your students have been helping you as you recover from your sprain/soreness, etc. All the best, Caroline