Monday, January 31, 2022

Off Topic Day

For today's post, I want to share with you the last couple of days in the life of Lisa K, your favorite blogger. (I am, aren't I? 😉)  

Most of you all know that I love winter, and snow. I mean, LOVE it. We've had two big snows so far this winter, and the snow fall from those two surely adds up to more than we have had then the past couple of years. I am one happy me! 

As I was waiting for that second snow to come (we had a big ole storm that started Friday night), then, Thursday evening, the unthinkable happened. My heater in the house went out! Stopped working! No warm air! 
I called the landlady and she called her heater guy (I don't like that man, but I was at his mercy). He couldn't come until Friday. What?!?! 

Now, it wasn't as dire as I make it sound. I mean, yeah, it was freezing in this house, but we could have gone to our sisters' house. 

Well, long, story short, we had heat Friday, maybe an hour before the snow started. Yay! 

I spent the weekend snowed in my warm house, and loving every minute of it!

As much as I love the snow, that's how much my sisters dislike it. I have a hard time convincing them of how wonderful it is. To see the beauty in it. I'll keep trying though. If I can't convert them, I'll figure out something something to do with them. Maybe buy them tickets to Florida. Nah, too expensive. I have to do something so I don't have to keep hearing their complaining. Hmmm, I have just the thing . . .

My friends, you heard nothing, you saw nothing, you know nothing, you'll say nothing. 

Whoa! That took on a dark note. Maybe too many cozy mysteries in my life? Nah!

Enjoy your day my friends. Stay warm, stay safe. 

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  1. Ha ha, Lisa! Enjoy your snow. I’m with Darlene and Tammie on this one. (One pretty snow, each winter, and I’m done.)
    Glad your heat is fixed!
    Happy Monday!
    Pat T

    1. Pat, you're lucky I adore you, or I'd have to be building a second snowman. ;-)

  2. You are so funny. I am like Tammie and Darlene. I love to watch it snow and I love the beauty of it all. But the cold does me in.

  3. We are forecasted for snow this week by Thursday. Which I don't mind, however, it's suppose to come after a thick layer of ICE. Thank goodness for a well stocked pantry and a full house generator. Tomorrow will be the typical milk and bread run while in town for an eye appointment. Then I plan on staying home watching all the pretty outside while enjoying the fireplace and reading some good books.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I'm glad you are enjoying the snow. I'm afraid I'm going to side with your sisters on this one. It's one reason why I live in Southern CA.

    1. Looks like I'm going to have to build more snowmen! LOL

  5. Ooh, can I help you build snowmen for those who don't like snow? I am so happy that we MAY get up to 3" Wednesday night/Thursday morning! 😉 Oh, you didn't remember I live in San Angelo, Texas? ⭐ We rarely get snow. Okay. not counting last Winter ❄❄❄ as that was bad for everyone - although, I loved the 10" of snow - the Cajun hubby and our three furbabies, not so much. 🥶 ... 😈

    1. Yay! You can for sure help me build snowmen. Wow! You are lucky to get snow! Delaware use to get a lot more. I think the most we got last year was a dusting. Did you throw snowballs at your hubby?

  6. Oh, Lisa, I love the cartoons, especially when Darlene says "shut up" about the snow. I live in Central NY and snow is not a word we like to hear (except when we want to ski, skate or ... hmmmmm) because WE GET A LOT OF IT!!! Glad you got your heat back. Woke up today and my refrigerator was at 45 degrees and I panicked thinking it was broken! It's not even 10 yrs old! Ugh! Happy Chinese New Year!

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah. The "shut up" is my sister for sure. I'm the only one left in the family who loves it when it snows. 45 degrees? Did your refrigerator think it was a freezer? And 45 was Spring compared to how cold it got in the how. My sheets were so cold they hurt my toes! LOL