Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whodunit Wednesday 

Do you like to solve mysteries?
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It's easy.
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Well then, read the Whodunit and get your entries in!


   There were times, thought Thomas P. Stanwick, when you could never count on having a friendly conversation without an interruption. Especially if your friend is a police inspector and you were visiting his office when a robbery call came in.

   The amateur logician and Inspector Walker pulled up in front of a large brick house in a wealthy neighborhood in Royston and were quickly shown into the living room. A valuable painting had been stolen from the wall. The thief had apparently broken the glass in a nearby patio door, let himself in, and left by the same route. An obviously shaken maid was sitting in a large armchair when Stanwick and Walker entered. 

   "She discovered the theft and called it in, sir," a uniformed officer told Walker. "The couple who live here are out of town this week." 

   "What happened?" Walker asked the maid. 

   "I didn't hear a thing." she replied. "I had been working in the kitchen and was on my way to my room. When I passed the living room. I noticed the painting was gone and that the glass in the patio door was broken. I called the police right away,"

   Stanwick carefully opened the patio door and walked out onto the concrete patio, steeping gingerly around the long shards of broken glass there was well as around any possible foot marks. He observed faint smudges of mud under the glass.

   "How long had the painting hung in here?" he asked asked as he came back in.

   "About two years, I guess," answered the maid. 

   Standwick sat down in a comfortable armchair, crossed his legs, and turned to Walker.

   "Well, Matt," he said, "I think you may want to ask this lady some more questions. This job involved inside help!"

Why is Stanwick sure that inside help was involved? 

The Whodunit solution will be posted on tomorrow's blog .

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  1. Love Kathi's books! Thanks for the chance! Good luck all!

  2. What a fun way to go about a giveaway! I just entered my response. Fingers crossed. :)

  3. Happy Wednesday, Lisa...the HUMP, in hump-day, seems higher than usual, this week! Hope I make it over... :)

    1. Hey Pat, you'll make it! But if the going gets tough, give me shout and I'll throw you a rope and pull you over!

  4. I'm probably wrong, but it was fun taking a guess. Have a great day, Lisa.