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Granny may be retired as Fuchsia, Minnesota’s one-woman undercover sleuth for the Fuchsia Police Department, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t need a trusty weapon. Her weapon of choice? A pink snow shovel. When Granny runs over a dead body with her snowmobile, she unwittingly sets off a chain of events that involves mislabeled corpses, empty graves, and stolen money––lots of it! Who’s at the bottom of this years old crime? Granny has an idea, but she has little time to investigate, when in just days she’s scheduled to marry the love of her life, Franklin Gatsby, in a post-Christmas ceremony. So, Granny decides to enlist the help of her friends and neighbors. Add in Christmas holiday excitement and the arrival of Granny’s family, who are all there for her wedding, and mayhem ensues. Of course, Granny can always count on her many furry friends to provide her with moral support, but it’s quite possible that Granny––that is, Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt––has a secret or two of her own, which may very well be revealed as GRANNY SNOWS A SNEAK.

A word from Julie

Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt better known as Granny in the Fuchsia, Minnesota Series takes after me when it comes to cooking. In fact, she does one better, she gave it up altogether. Who could blame her after my mishaps in the kitchen.

I should have a cooking show. It would be different from all the perfect cooking shows on television. No one would take it seriously and it would turn into a comedy. You see I am a messy cook when I decide to grace my kitchen and try a new concoction. My cooking show would be titled the Mishap Mash and feature burned food, messy floors and oops moments, a lot of oops moments.

I am not a neat, neat person. My house is a little messy. I did not grow up in an “everything in its place household.” I am comfortable if there are a few dishes on the counter or a coat is thrown over a chair. I don’t have a problem if a magazine adorns the floor or a table. My house isn’t a disaster but it is kind of messy from time to time. I spent a lot of years trying for perfection only to be frustrated and not content. I have the same philosophy in the kitchen.

Recently I was making a new salad to take to bible study. It contained shredded coleslaw, shredded carrots, and chopped green onions, raisins, cranberries, grapes and strawberries topped with a mixture of mayo, sour cream and strawberry vinaigrette. It was a simple recipe.

I got my little cuisinart chopper out and put the carrots in the bowl and shredded them. I then dumped them into a bigger bowl and continued on with the onions adding them to the carrots. It was a little messy and a few shreds dropped to the counter. I then added the shredded coleslaw to the mix. Some of the coleslaw decided to mix with the counter and floor.

I happily proceeded to add the raisins and the cranberries, flipping the boxes and the bags happily. Some of that decided to visit the floor and the counter too. Then it came time to mix the sour cream and the mayo and the vinaigrette. I popped them into my Cuisinart and pumped it on high. Did I mention the latch is broke so I have to hold it down before it will blend? It was a little bowl with a lot of mixture. It was so cute dripping onto the counter.

I added that to the rest of the mixture along with the rest of the ingredients. Then I had to mix it. I have a hearty mixing arm and the bowl overflowed. I was having so much fun. Dirty utensils built up on the counter too. I was happily creating a new concoction and the mess didn’t bother me.

I thought I should take a picture and post it on my blog but I didn’t. I didn’t want readers to be horrified. It was the perfect colorful mess and I had such fun creating it. That is why I think I should have a cooking show. I don’t really like to cook but when I do I have a lot of fun, especially creating a mess. It is part of being creative. When is the last time you have seen a messy cooking show where everything is not perfect? I could relate to a show like that. The perfect cooking show where everything turns out perfect makes me nervous because I could never create a dish without a mistake or a mess.

No, I am not a Martha Stewart or a Julia Child. I break the yolks when I fry eggs. I burn my vegetables. I substitute weird ingredients when I don’t have something on hand. I don’t worry about measuring correctly. My daughter-in-laws keep giving me timers and my husband keeps setting them for me but I still like the eagle eye baking method.

When we had Sam, my faithful pooch, he loved it when I creatively cooked. He would clean up my floor for me. Since I don’t have Sam to eat my floor concoction I do have to clean up after myself when the creativity is all over with. I can live with that because of the relaxation the not- being- perfect gives me.

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Author Julie Seedorf

Julie Seedorf is a Minnesotan. She calls dinner, supper, and lunch, dinner. She has had many careers over her lifetime but her favorite career was that as mother to her children. In later life she became a computer technician, opening her own business. In 2012 Julie signed a contract with Cozy Cat Press for her Fuchsia, Minnesota Series. Books included in that series are Granny Hooks a Crook, Granny Skewers A Scoundrel and released in November 2014, Granny Snows A Sneak. 

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  1. I love Hermoiny and her cohorts! Thanks!

  2. Granny Snows A Sneak sounds like a fun read. Thank you fro the giveaway.

  3. Happy Saturday, Lisa. Visitors, today, so just hopping on to say hi. Have a great weekend.

  4. I enjoyed learning more about Julie Seedorf. Thank you! Any idea when there might be a new Granny book? I absolutely adore this series and bought all the previous books all, one after the other. I can't get enough!!!

  5. I like the idea of a pink snow shovel . . . if you have to shovel, at least you're stylish.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Granny seems like a character I'd like to get to know! I plan to start reading this series now that I'm aware of it.

  7. This sounds like a great book. Thank you for the chance.