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Ready to learn about a new old series?

Today I am featuring a new old series to me by 
an author I'm sure you've all heard of,  
Laura Bradford.

Laura is the author of the Amish Mystery series.

Under the name Elizabeth Lynn Casey she writes the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries. The newest book in this series, TAKEN IN released this month. 

But today I'm featuring a series she also writes as Laura Bradford, the Jenkins & Burns Mysteries.

There are 4 books in this series.

Originally published by Hilliard & Harris under the title “Jury of One,” “Deadly Readings” is the first in Laura Bradford’s debut Jenkins & Burns mystery series. 

The Jersey Shore has always been known for warm sand, lively boardwalks, and the promise of carefree summer days. This season the small scenic town of Ocean Point, New Jersey, is not nearly as carefree as tourists would hope. The discovery of the body of a young woman is the first in a string of seemingly random and senseless murders, murders connected only by a warning from the same boardwalk fortune-teller. 

It’s a crisis that puts local detective Mitch Burns on edge, and his job in jeopardy. It’s up to him to solve the crimes and protect the livelihood of the town, a livelihood that relies almost entirely on tourists. With the help of newly hired local reporter Elise Jenkins, the two step out to discover who the killer is, before another body is found. 

Originally published by Hilliard & Harris under the title “Forecast of Evil,” “Deadly Getaway” is the second in Laura Bradford’s debut Jenkins & Burns mystery series.

It was supposed to be a romantic winter getaway complete with snow, sleigh rides, and nights spent by a roaring fire. New Jersey police detective Mitch Burns and newspaper reporter Elise Jenkins are trading one tourist town for another by heading to a remote Michigan island to relax and enjoy. 

Unfortunately a killer has other plans. When a body is found under two feet of snow, stabbed, Jenkins and Burns once again need to put their sleuthing skills to the test. As a blizzard descends, the island is completely cut off from the outside world and terror mounts while a serial killer plays a frightening game of cat-and-mouse with the island as his playground.

Originally published by Hilliard & Harris under the title “Marked by Fate,” “Deadly Expressions” is the third in Laura Bradford’s debut Jenkins & Burns mystery series.

Thirty-five years ago, seven-year-old Hannah Daltry hid under a desk, the only witness to a horrible bank robbery. Still haunted by that day, Hannah uses her passion for writing to teach others, and to try to banish the demons of her past.

Local reporter Elise Jenkins is a student in Hannah’s class. Eager to stretch her writing wings, she’s excited about the assignment Hannah gives and amazed at the teacher’s ability to bring the horrifying scene of a girl watching a bank robbery to life. But inspiration turns to shock when Hannah is found dead in her classroom. Is her only mistake being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or did the past finally catch up with her? Whatever the answer, Elise Jenkins and police detective Mitch Burns are determined to find out.

In the aftermath of the most destructive hurricane to hit the Jersey Shore in a century, Elise Burns and the other residents of Ocean Point are doing their best to recover and rebuild, which is why the recent string of robberies hits everyone especially hard. Fuming to catch the thief preying on those who have already suffered so much, Detective Mitch Burns will stop at nothing to solve the crimes. 

When another robbery turns to murder and a college student who’s interning at Elise’s newspaper is caught with the murder weapon in his hand, Mitch is convinced it’s an open-and-shut case. Elise knows the brash and ambitious aspiring reporter would go to any lengths to get a story, but was he a killer? Following clues from the intern’s notebooks and her own reporter’s gut sense, she sets out to track down a thief and a killer and exonerate a suspect she doesn't even like—even if she has to put herself in harm’s way to do it. 

DEADLY AMBITION is new, original Jenkins & Burns novella that was released in October of 2013!

The first three books in a boxed set. (eBook)

These titles are not available in paperback. Check you local and online used booksellers. You may find the first three under their original titles...JURY OF ONE, FORECAST OF EVIL, and MARKED BY FATE. 
DEADLY AMBITION was never released in print.

 All titles are available on Nook and Kindle.  

This is a very good series!
Have you read it?

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Answer to Whodunit Wednesday


   Sergeant Wilson scratched his head. "There's no way you can know what he was pointing at."

   "Oh, yes, there is," Sherman said. "His battery's dead." 

   "So what?'

   "So, a dead battery probably means his lights were on." Sherman checked the dashboard and saw that he was right. "Let's say Mervin had a rendezvous here last night with someone from the Charity Board, perhaps to get information for his story. That person realized Mervin was getting too close to the truth and killed him. But before dying, Mervin saw something..."

   "Yeah, yeah," Wilson growled. "And he pointed to it. But which of the three things was he pointing at?"

   "It was night, remember? The lake and trees would have been invisible in the dark, especially with all the cloud cover we've had lately. The one visible thing would have been that glowing neon sign. That's what Mervin meant. The killer was Arthur Curtis."

  I'm so bad at these!
Did you guess this one?

Check back next Wednesday for another exciting case!


  1. Well I got this one wrong! Still fun though!

  2. I was SOOOOO wrong I'll probably have to turn in my junior detective badge!! Lots of fun-can't wait for the next one.