Monday, February 10, 2014

UNDEAD BY MORNING by Joyce & Jim Lavene. 
A Short Story in the Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries

NOTE: This tile is a Paranormal Mystery, not a Cozy. But it is written by two of my very favorite cozy authors.

When Nashville Police Officer Skye Mertz wakes up in the hospital after a wreck, the prognosis is bad. The doctors don’t expect her to live until morning. Her husband, Jacob, also in the wreck, was dead at the scene. Their five-year-old daughter, Kate, will be alone
Old magic, in the form of Abraham Lincoln Jones, comes out of the blue, offering another twenty years of life for twenty years of service to him. Skye can’t say no. Kate needs her, and her husband’s death was no accident. If it takes driving Abe’s Taxi for the Dead to protect Kate, and discover the truth, Skye is up for it.

I have to start by saying, the concept behind this story really blows me away. Who wouldn't want another 20 years with their loved ones?

In the case of Skye Mertz, she will have a chance to help her daughter grow up and find out what really happened to her husband. How could she say no? After all, making a deal with Abraham Lincoln Jones isn’t the same as making a deal with the devil. Is it?

In this short story, which is an introduction to the Taxi For The Dead Paranormal Mysteries series that will officially start off on March 4 with the full length title BROKEN HEARTED GHOUL, we get a quick introduction to Skye, her husband Jacob, their daughter Kate and Jacob’s mother Addie. We meet Abraham Lincoln Jones and learn about his “business”. There was so much information packed into this short story.

So, my thoughts on it? I loved it! It’s such a thought provoking story line. Like nothing I have ever read. Like with all their books, Joyce & Jim Lavene caught my attention with the first paragraph and held it until the very ending. Because of the length, it is a story that you will read in one sitting. And if you are anything like me, when you read the last sentence, you’ll be sad that it’s over. Fear not…you also get a short excerpt of BROKEN HEARTED GHOUL to wet your appetite and hold you over for the March 4 release.

If you were a fan of the TV shows DEAD LIKE ME and PUSHING DAISIES, do yourself a favor and read this book!

NOTE: As of the writing of this review, you can get UNDEAD BY MORNING for you Kindle or Kindle app for only .99! 

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