Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cozy Snubbing Snobs

What is it with all the cozy "snubs"? I was looking through some magazines today and was disappointed and yeah, a little angry to see that Publisher's Weekly and Bookmarks made no mention of cozies whatsoever! 

Cozy readers, please do everything you can to share your love of cozies. Leave reviews, pre-order, request your favorite cozy authors at your local bookstore. If you have an independent bookstore close by, speak to the ower/manager about doing a display featuring only cozy titles. Share with your friends any way you can. Talk to them, post on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, mention cozies on your blog. If you see someone in the mystery section, suggest a cozy to them.

Our cozy authors are every bit as good as (better in my opinion) any author out there. Let's show them and the cozy snubbing snobs just how much they mean to us!


  1. Cozies don't get any respect, but neither do the animated and family oriented films I much prefer. It is frustrating, although I gave up being upset by it a long time ago.

    Still, I absolutely do everything I can to spread the word about the cozies I love.

    And I absolutely love that picture you end your post with.

    1. Thank you, Mark! I have only been reading cozies for a little over a year now so I guess I'm still finding their "low standing" in the eyes of so many a bit shocking. LOL I have made it my mission to change that.

      And I agree about the animated and family films. The works that goes in to the animated movies is amazing. Not enough credit at all.

      As for the photo, I found that along with a few others on Google Images and added the words. I'll post the others so. Wouldn't they be great for a cozy mystery tea party?