Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book #4 in A Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery series

Fed up with dating after a disastrous setup, the only thing Hayley wants to snuggle up to is a box of made-to-order chocolates from plus-sized, plus-mouthed chocolatier Bessie Winthrop. But when Bessie is found dead in her kitchen, only Hayley suspects that Bessie's "heart attack" might actually be a candy-coated murder.

Turns out Bessie had more enemies than a boxful of chocolates, each one a suspicious flavor. It's sticky business juggling a job, two teenagers and finding a killer, but it's better than letting a killer find Hayley first...

I always look forward to my next visit to Bar Harbor and a chance to catch up with Hayley and friends. This trip was one of my favorites by far. From the moment I first saw the cover of DEATH OF A CHOCOHOLIC I knew this was going to be a book to remember. And it was.

Lee Hollis never fails in getting me to laugh out loud over the situations Hayley finds herself in. During the first pages of this story I laughed so loud I honestly startled myself! And I challenge anyone to not laugh at a scene that has Mona in it!

Now, before I have you thinking this is a comedy, let me assure you there is a brilliant mystery to solve. While I thought I had figured it out, I found I was way wrong. I never guessed the “who” in the “done it” until I was right where the author wanted me to be. Brava/Bravo Lee Hollis.

And as always, there are great food and cocktail recipes to enjoy. I suggest having some fun with the book and trying out some of the recipes and enjoy them with the story.

We also get a sneak peek at book #5 in the series, DEATH OF A CHRISTMAS CATERER.

If you haven’t read the Hayley Powell series, please do something awesome for yourself and start reading them ASAP! If you have read the rest of series, you will not be disappointed in the latest installment.  

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