Saturday, July 24, 2021


Written on Friday

It's Yard Sale day!

I'm excited and exhausted all at the same time! LOL
My goodness, a lot goes into getting one of these ready.
It will be worth it though. Getting lots of clutter out of the house, and making some money for more clutt . . . um, essential things. 😉

I've had a lot of yard sales in my life. Endless hours of pricing things, displaying them just right on the tables to give them eye appeal, and so on. But not this time. No way. Everything at this yard sale is only $1.00!

Big or small, each item is only $1.00! And things get put on the tables just anywhere. No stress this time!

Well, it's time to get some more done.

Have a great Saturday everyone! 
Leave a comment on what you're doing today!


  1. Good luck, Lisa!
    Happy Saturday,

    Pat T

    1. Thank you, Pat! We did really well for our items only being $1.00. We even went to 2/$1.00 and 4/$1.00 on things. It's good to have the stuff out of the house!

  2. Hope you have great success. It always feels great to declutter and to make money doing it just makes it even better. I think we have little gremlins that bring in stuff when we aren't looking because I can clean out and 6 months later it's like "where did that come from". :)
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Thank you! We did well. I believe you're correct about the gremlins. I don't know how my sister and I could have brought all of this into our house! LOL

  3. I for one would love to go to your yard sale! Can't beat the price! I hope everything you put out there sales!

    1. Would have loved having you, Vicki! It was a lot of fun.