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In today's author spotlight, 
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Allen B. Boyer

"I was born and raised in and around the Pennsylvania farm lands. The views I grew up around had a profound effect on my writing. Specifically my love for incorporating fresh descriptive phrases for settings and people."  
~ Allen B. Boyer

Mount Gretna is a community where artists and scholars come every summer to live and work in perfect harmony. However, when that harmony is disturbed by the discovery of a dead body, the local sheriff reaches out to an unlikely resident for help. Best known for bird watching and chewing tobacco, August Summerfield moved to Mount Gretna to enjoy retirement and reconnecting with his niece, Grace. When she urges her uncle to help with the case, Grace begins to learn about her uncle’s secret past in Washington DC. She also learns that he has a sharp eye for details. Whether thwarting assassinations in Washington, D. C., or solving a murder in Mount Gretna, August Summerfield knows that when looking for suspects, “the devil can be found in the details.”

is the first book in the 
August Summerfield Mysteries
and is available now!

LKBR:  Thank you for joining us today, Allen.

AB: Always a pleasure to chat with you, Lisa.


LKBR: Please tell us a bit about yourself.

AB:  I’m the author of thirteen books for two different publishers.  I’m a husband and father of three children.  I also have a one-year-old Golden Retriever who insists on playing tug-o-war with me every night.  So, in my house, it is a challenge to find time to write.


LKBR: Please tell us about your new book.

AB: Morning Mist and Murder is the title.  It’s a murder mystery that takes place in a small community in Pennsylvania packed with artists and scholars.  Since no one has experience with a homicide investigation, the mayor recruits a new resident to help with the case.  August Summerfield is his name.  He’s a retired government worker who’s more interested in bird watching than people.  He also has a sharp mind for details and is usually one step ahead of other people. 


LKBR: What is your writing process? Do you have a certain order you use when starting a new story, such as the crime, the characters, location? 

AB:  I actually started writing this book twenty-five years ago.  I wanted to write a murder mystery and found myself stuck on a plot point, so I put the manuscript away.  Fast forward to 2020 when I found the manuscript during lockdown and went to work.  It was kind of like co-authoring a story with a much younger version of myself.  So, I had this framework to work with, but a lot did change from the original story to what was published in Morning Mist and Murder.


LKBR: How many hours a day/week do you write?

AB:  It can vary.  I think a lot about scenes before I sit down to write, so it comes out pretty quickly.  A good day for me would be about six pages.


LKBR: Do you have a favorite place to write?

AB:  Lately on my back porch.  I tend to listen to music while I write.  I find that some good instrumental music really enhances the scenes that I work on.


LKBR: Where’s the strangest place inspiration has hit?

AB:  Lots of ideas during a shower.  Don’t know why but…it happens.


LKBR: Are you working on any new projects?

AB:  I usually have two manuscripts going at the same time.  I have about fifty pages done for another series I write.  I’ve also been outlining the next August Summerfield mystery.


LKBR: Have you ever thought about giving up on writing? If yes, why? What kept you going?

AB:  My brain is wired for writing.  Whether fiction or nonfiction, it comes pretty natural to me so, no, I’ve never thought about giving it up.


LKBR: What can you see yourself doing if you weren’t writing?

AB:  I have two sons, so we enjoy golf and tennis.  My wife and I like to get away when we can.  Also, our one-year-old dog needs lots of walks.  So I do have plenty of activities to balance out the writing.  Time away from writing, for me, gets the creative juices going.


LKBR: If you could make one request of a reader, what would that be?

AB:  Take your time when you read and enjoy the story.  As a writer, I began with poetry in college.  I was lucky enough to have some published and then I progressed to short stories and eventually books.  Language and how words sound together is something I put a premium on when I write.  I just want the reader to appreciate that.


LKBR: Please let us know any links you have where we can follow you.



LKBR: Thank you so much, Allen! I’m looking forward to chatting with you again soon.

AB: Always a pleasure.  Hope you, like your readers, have a good summer of reading by the pool, the garden or the beach.

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Allen lives near a retirement home that he visits with his children and his dog, Buster. If you enjoyed Gumshoe Granny Investigates, please check out Bess in the other books in the series, as well as his Dupree Sisters Mystery series and his August Summerfield Series.

If you enjoyed my interview with Allen, you'll enjoy the 2018 chat my friend, author Julie Seedorf had with him. (Shh . . . Allen and Julie don't know I unearthed this 😉)


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