Sunday, June 13, 2021


Hello, wonderful friends!
I know . . . I know. I have been missing several posts this year.
Please don't give up on me.

I'm in the middle of redecorating my home which includes the living room, *office, **piano room, and eventually my bedroom, and the kitchen. As part of the redecoration 10 shelves have to be put together. 
I know, right? 10 shelves!

 It may surprise you, but I have a lot of books. 😉 They are everywhere right now and in no order. It drives me nut! My older sister even more so because I am her personal library LOL. Darlene is the one who got me into cozy mysteries to begin with 💗, so of course she gets to read them. 

*(The office was Tammie's (youngest sister) work from home office. We've been using it as a catch all room. We are now transforming it into my eBay room! I have two eBay accounts. My oldest account, gilesgirl (I was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan), and ckauctions which I have with a friend. At the moment they carry very different items, and are a little slow low on stock.)    

**(That sounded snooty. LOL The house I share with my sister, at one point in it's long life, had a large addition built on. A large room connects the two parts of the house. So it's a "walk through" room. We call it the piano room because I inherited Mom's piano when she passed and this is the room we keep it in. So, piano room. Wow, way too much TMI!)

 I'll be slacking a bit more soon.
I will be off 
Sunday, June 27 - Tuesday, July 6
My sister Darlene, Tam, and me will be celebrating Tammie's 45 birthday! 
(Wow . . . how can my little sister, the baby of the family, be 45?)
This means a week of day trips! We love getting in the car and going.

I will have something for you to look at each day while I'm out and playing. I'm making sure to schedule the ahead of time.

There you have it friends. Enjoy your Sunday, and I'll see you here tomorrow! 

Hugs and Love.


  1. You’ve been a busy girl, Lisa! Take time for you and enjoy yourself.
    Happy Sunday!
    Pat T

  2. Everyone needs a break once in a while Lisa! Have fun with your sister and friend!! Hope we see pics when the house is done!

  3. Hi, Lisa, Me, late again. Just wanted to comment on this post. Hope you enjoy your break. You'll be missed, but we want you happy and healthy, so have a great time with your sister and friend. Can't wait to hear how your house remodel turns out. Happy Birthday to Tammi (mine was June 23). All the best, Caroline