Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Hello, you lovely people! 
How are all my friends today?
Me? I'm doing well. Busy, busy as always.

Remember that yard sale I was telling you about?
The one my sisters and I are going to have?
We've finally set a date.
Saturday, July 10!
Rain date will be Saturday, July 17.

Since I love mysteries so much, 
I have thrown in a twist with this sale. 
All items are just $1.00 each!
Big or small, nothing over a $1.00.

Here are just a few of the items we'll have for sale. 
If you're local, I'm in Dover DE, please stop by!
Again the sale will be, 
Saturday, July 10. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot . . . 
Rain date will be Saturday, July 17. We'll be starting at 8:00 am.

I'm excited to get these items into new homes. 

I wish I could see you all there, but 
I'll be taking pictures throughout the day, and will post them in an upcoming blog.

Here are some photos of a tiny fraction of the items we'll be selling. No matter the size or what the item is, it's only $1.00! 

Kids games, DVDs 

Clothing, games, computer equipment

Gallon bags filled with Christmas ornaments
We must have a dozen of these bags

Books (no cozies), Noah's Ark collector's plate, Hershey Kiss tin,
Emoji lip balm - new in pack, cookie Cutters

Huge floral oil painting, bags and boxes filled

DVD boxed sets, hats, games

Sealed calendar, ceramic duck, homemade needlecraft doll

That huge painting again. On it's side like this, it's about as high as my bellybutton!

Working computer monitor, keyboard, speakers, and mouse.

Cherry reticulated bowl, tin to go containers, camera case, glassware, plug in pest control

Bag full of unopened plastic cookie cutters

Overview of computer equipment, ornaments, odds and end. (Except that little leprechaun. He's mine!)

Honestly, this isn't half of what we're going to have. It's just what I could get to in order to take photos! 

That's it's for now.
Have a fabulous day my friends!


  1. Wow! What a deal at your yard sale!!

    I plan on having a garage sale this summer or fall. Starting to collect things and putting them in boxes.

    Good luck! I bet you sell lots!!!

    1. Hi, Susan! We were aiming for spring, but didn't make it. I'd love to wait until fall because I do hate the summer heat, but I just can't live with this stuff much longer! LOL Good luck on yours as well!