Wednesday, May 12, 2021

My beautiful friends, how are you today?
I'm coming to you today with another off topic day.

Bleck! The miserable things! 

Once the warm weather gets here and brings with it pollen, lawns being mowed, and hoards of other itchies. I can't breath properly again until fall.

My favorite part of spring and summer, is hitting the road with my sisters.

Our two favorite destinations are Lancaster County, PA, and Rehoboth Beach, DE

My allergies don't bother me at all in either of those places.
They are my happy places.

How about you? Do you get spring or summers allergies?

Or do you get them during my favorite time of year . . . winter?

Well, enough about that. 
LOL Not much of a blog post, but I think it's fun to learn a little about each other from time to time.

Leave questions for me in the comments. As many as you'd like. Nothing is off limits. If I get enough questions from all of you, I'll post it interview style on a future blog. Hmmm . . . This could get interesting. 😉

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  1. I’d love to visit Lancaster County, PA. I’m still trying to visit my happy place, this year, the mountains of western VA.
    Happy Wednesday, Lisa.
    Pat T

  2. No allergies other than the flu shot which can get tricky for a senior citizen and being asked about it for the Covid vaccination. :)

    We moved to our happy place in the Ozark Mountains of AR and built the home of our dreams. Although smaller, it has all we ever wanted like Amish made cabinetry, hardwood floors, granite counter tops. With only one bedroom and one BIG closet, there's no place for any excess things so a lot of "stuff" got disposed of. And you know what? We don't miss not one item we got rid of. :)

    We love traveling to Amish areas and especially love Shipshewana, IN. We had a fall trip planned for last year going from OH to IN, IL, MO and then over Iowa all to Amish communities. After it got cancelled, it had to go on our go to someday list. Maybe next year.

    Do you have a favorite book or series? Have you always love to read? And on another front, is it more fun searching for things to sell or the thrill of selling it knowing you picked right? What is the most surprising thing you have sold? Years ago, my relatives thought I could sell anything. Each time I had a sell they would hunt for something impossible to sell and then challenge me to sell it. I never will forget my Mom getting upset with me for selling a thermos with no lid. I tried to tell her than the guy that bought it was happy and he knew it didn't have a lid when I sold it. When I sold two pair of old false teeth, they gave up on trying to come up with something Kay couldn't sell. :)
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. Thank you! Just now replying to yesterday's off topic post because of my allergies. I just felt awful and didn't go online. I sneeze; I cough; I itch or have to rest my eyes; and so on. So, thank you again for reminding me I'm not alone. Love this post. Wish I could head to Lancaster, PA, too. Oh, I actually thought to myself last night that maybe I should take a trip. My happy place is the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY. Caroline D

  4. I do get seasonal allergies...uggh! lol
    My happy place is the beach...any beach! Fortunately I moved to Florida in 2019 and im about a 1/2 hour from the beach....YIPPEE!!!
    Hope you get feeling better soon!