Thursday, April 18, 2019

Savory and Sweet!


If you love a good steak and you want to plan your meal from main course to dessert, this is the cookbook you're looking for!

Discover just how luscious and indulgent both steak and cake can be with Elizabeth Karmel, Southern baker extraordinaire and one of America’s leading pitmasters.

Let them eat cake—and steak! This unique cookbook shares more than 100 recipes that beg to be prepared, paired, and eaten with pure joy. How about a Cowboy Steak with Whiskey Butter followed by a Whiskey Buttermilk Bundt Cake? Or a Porterhouse for Two with My Mother’s Freshly Grated Coconut Cake? Or mix and match yourself—maybe an Indoor/Outdoor Tomahawk Steak paired with a Classic Key Lime Cheesecake?

Not only will you find some of the best recipes ever for steak—and steakhouse sides and sauces—and those all-butter-eggs-and-sugar cakes, but you will also pick up tips and tricks for choosing and cooking steaks and baking cakes. The result is an instant dinner party, the kind of universally loved meal that makes any and every occasion special.


I don’t know why author Elizabeth Karmel choose to write a cookbook pairing steak and cake. And really, I don’t cake. I’m just beyond happy that she did! I mean, come on. Steak and Cake! Like I wasn’t going to check this book out.

The first thing I was to say about STEAK AND CAKE is . . . PHOTOS! Yes, this delicious cookbook has big, beautiful color photos (by Stephen Hamilton) for every single recipe! If you follow my cookbook reviews, you know how much this thrills me. Seriously, Ms. Karmel, if you’re reading this, Thank you!

As I continue writing this review, my stomach is growling and I have drool forming. Going back and forth from steak recipes and the best cakes to pair with them for dessert, it has set my taste buds off! Some of the combinations recommend by the author are . . . Red-Hot Cast-Iron Steak with Perfect Crust and Gingerbread with Orange Marmalade and Grand Mariner Glaze, Classic New York Steakhouse Strip with Beefsteak Tomatoes and Sizzling Thick Bacon and Onions and Potus Carrot Cake, Steak Diane with Twice-Baked Potatoes and Retro Chocolate Cupcakes with a Sweet Mascarpone Center, Sizzlin’ Steak Kabobs with Salsa Verde and Pecan-Studded Rum Cake, Hanger Steak with Garlic Smashed Potatoes and Banana Pudding Ice Cream Cake, and so many more!

STEAK AND CAKE is a well thought out cookbook. Besides the amazing recipes and fantastic photos, the author offers conversion tables, and steak and cake primers. A perfect mix of savory steaks (with side dishes) and sweet cakes, you have a meal from beginning to end laid out for you in just a few pages!

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Releases August 30, 2019


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