Thursday, April 11, 2019

Grandma Goodness!


I totally miss my Mommom's cooking. Her chicken and dumplings, and vegetable beef soup were always amazing! We always cleaned our plates when we had dinner at her house. Not because we were made to either, but because we wanted to get every little drop and crumb. 

My Mommom
Rev. Mabel V. Erskine

Mmmm...I could do with some of her cooking right about now. 

But for now I try and replicate when I can. But since I can never quite do her dishes justice, I thought I take on someone else's grandma's recipes. 

Delicious Moments Made to Last
As a grandma, what could be sweeter than cooking up something wonderful with your grandchild? Celebrate the gift of good food and grandparenthood in this collection of recipes, wisdom, and tips from grandmas like you.
You’ll discover dozens of delicious recipes, including many that are gluten-free, you and your grandchild will love making…and eating! But more important, you’ll have the opportunity to create lasting memories, and share your faith and life lessons with your special little helper.
Each recipe is grandma tested and rated for difficulty, so you can always find a tasty treat that fits any child’s age and skill level. Along the way, you’ll be inspired by select Scripture verses and get more great ideas for connecting with your grandkid.    
From Floating Frosty Snowmen in January to Peppermint Angel Cake in December, you and your grandchild will enjoy spending time in the kitchen all year long.
Let’s go make some memories!  


I loved my grandma’s (Mommom to me) cooking. The only person who cooked as well as Mommom was my mom. But then, Mom learned from the best! So, when I saw this cookbook I couldn’t resist.

As I had hoped from a book such as, IN THE KITCHEN WITH GRANDMA, this book contains some good ole’ old fashioned dishes. But author Lydia. E Harris also includes some fun dishes with equally fun names. In chapters listed by the seasons, holidays, are recipes like 7UP Shamrock Biscuits, Luscious Lemon Curd, Triple Play Bean Salas, Out-of-the-Park Cheesy Potatoes, Solar Eclipse Toast, A-Maze-ing Corn Chowder with Sausage, Crock-Pot Irish Stew, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cups, Meat Turnovers, Personal Pizzas with Pizzazz, Banana Split Bowls, Cranberry Shortcake with Butter-Rum Sauce, Batter Balls, Scone Blossoms, Chocolate Crispy Crunchies, and more. I already have several picked out to try myself!

As with several cookbooks I’ve reviewed recently, IN THE KITCHEN WITH GRANDMA contains no pictures. I can only assume this is due to cost, but it can make for a boring cookbook. I love food pics. Photos aside, this was a nice book. Some really good recipes in varying degrees of difficulty. There are dishes for just about every taste not matter the age.  

IN THE KITCHEN WITH GRANDMA is published by a Christian Publishing house so they are Bible verses scattered about, and even a chapter on sharing your faith with children. Since my Mommom was a minister and I am a Christian, I find that aspect of this book very warming.

You can pre-order now
Releases August 6, 2019


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on "IN THE KITCHEN WITH GRANDMA"! Sounds like a great cookbook and one I want to check out myself.

    Agree with you on the photos. I mean there are no sample tastings and it's the photos that give us a glimpse of the end results. Something we might not achieve but at least something to aim for. :)

    I think the reason we can't quite accomplish the wonders of our Mom's and Grandma's kitchen is their special ingredient - their love. I have recipes that I watched and copied down to the last detail of my Mom's (even measured things she just poured in her hand) and get good results but they never tastes like the memories of what was placed on their tables.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. I’m sure the cookbook will remind you of your Mommom every time you look at it. Happy Thursday, Lisa!