Friday, April 5, 2019

Cozy Food Friday!

That means it's time to share a recipe from 
another great cozy mystery!
This week's recipe is from
by Lori Herter

What happens when a former romance author writes mysteries? A cozy novella series with a wholesome love story woven in.


Three lovable felines play a part in a trio of engaging mysteries, while a romantic flame kindles between Veterinary Technician Claudia Bailey and Police Detective Steve O’Rourke.

Includes these novellas:

THE COFFEE CAPERWidowed and approaching forty, Claudia Bailey is happy working at the Briarwood Cat Clinic in suburban Chicago. When she discovers the murdered body of her church’s deceitful new minister, no-nonsense Detective Steve O’Rourke views her as a prime suspect. Claudia’s quiet, comfortable life is deeply shaken. Nevertheless, she helps Steve look for clues, unexpectedly putting herself in jeopardy, all the while treating a Maine Coon named Knickerbocker with a litter pan problem.

THE WINGED WITNESSTom and Ethel Radek bring Jasmine, their desperately ill Himalayan, to the Briarwood Cat Clinic. When Tom is found stabbed to death later that day, Claudia and Steve have a new mystery to solve. The only witness to the homicide is Tom’s obnoxious parrot Hal. Meanwhile, will Jasmine recover from surgery? As the investigation continues, it’s increasingly clear Steve is smitten with Claudia. How does Claudia feel? Conflicted and unsure, yet she can’t deny she finds Steve attractive.

THE CLAIRVOYANT CATWrigley, a deaf rescue cat, became famous for predicting the winners of Chicago Cubs’ baseball games. When Lydia Worthington, Wrigley’s wealthy owner, is murdered in her lavish home during an attempted catnapping, Steve and Claudia must solve a newsworthy homicide. Another issue is who will take care of the famed but traumatized Wrigley? An unexpected turn of events endangers Claudia and her Clinic co-workers. In the meantime, Steve drops the L word and hints at marriage. Claudia must examine her true feelings. Does she want to marry again? Or continue paddling her own canoe and risk losing Steve?



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Author's Note: I try to cook a vegetarian meal once a week. I mentioned this dish in my story because it's a favorite of mine. Here's the recipe for the "Moroccan Stew" Claudia and Steve ordered at The Old Mill. ~ Lori Herter

Serves 4; 30 minutes or fewer


2 Tbs. olive oil
1 large russet potato (12 oz.) cut into ¾ inch cubes
8 oz. peeled baby carrots (1¾ cups)
2 Large shallots, diced ( cup) (onion works well, too)
½ tsp. salt
½ tsp. ground pepper
1 15.5 z can low-sodium chickpeas, drained, with liquid reserved, divided
1/3 cup dark raisins
1 ¼ tsp. ground cumin
½ tsp. pumpkin pie spice
2 Tbs. lemon juice
4 oz. fresh spinach leaves (2 cups)

Photo property of SkinnyTaste


1.   Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add potato, carrots, shallots, salt and pepper; sautΓ© 3 minutes.

2.   Add chickpea liquid, raisins, cumin, and pumpkin pie spice. Toss to blend, and bring to a simmer. 

3.   Cover; simmer over medium-low heat 8 minutes. Mix in 1 cup chickpeas. Cover and simmer 2 to 4 minutes more, or until potato and carrots are just tender. 

4.   Place remaining chickpeas on a plate and mash coarsely with a fork. 

5.   Mix crushed chickpeas and lemon juice into stew. 

6.   Mound spinach on top. Toss gently 1 to 2 minutes; or until spinach is reduced in volume, adding more water, salt and pepper if desired.

    Per 1  cup serving: 343 cal; 11 g protein; 8 g total fat (1 g sat fat); 60 g carb; 0 mg chol; 381 mg sodium; 8 g fiber; 15 g sugars (from Vegetarian Times Magazine)


Can't you just imagine the aromas of this stew 
filling you kitchen?


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  1. Looks yummy! Thanks, Lisa. Happy Friday!

  2. Page 56 - Her friend stepped nearer. "Ye've not been yourself the entire hour we've been together, and ye've very nicely danced around all my questions."

  3. That stew is definitely something I will try! Thanks for sharing!
    Sounds like a fun read too. I added you to the Linky. Happy weekend!

    1. Hey there, Freda! It looks yummy, right? Thanks for adding me to Linky. I couldn't find it!

  4. Yummy food and book. Your stew reminds me of a lentil stew I made recently.

    Enjoy your book and the stew, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Hi, Laurel-Rain! Thanks for visiting! Would love to know your lentil stew recipe!

  5. The recipe looks good and the book sounds good too. This week I am spotlighting Come and Get Me by August Norman. Happy reading!

    1. Hi, Kathy! I haven't tried the stew yet, but the book is great! 3 novella's full of mystery and romance!

  6. I just PINNED this webpage to my Pintrest account so I can make the soup on wome wintry day. Sounds yummy. My book---The Walk

    1. Hi, Anne! That's a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Thanks for sharing about the book and the recipe. They both look interesting.

  8. Thanks, Lisa. The photos you added look very much like the Moroccan Stew! Love the idea of Book Beginnings and Friday 56.

    1. Hi, Lori! Thank you for allowing me to share your stew recipe today! The book Beginnings and Friday 56 are great ways to see what others are reading, and it shines a light on so many blogs and authors! I love taking part in it.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    The food sounds great, which is more than can be said for the cats!

    Any one of my regular blogging buddies will know that I suffer from Ailurophobia, which apparently is a persistent, irrational fear of cats, so thia wouldn't be one for my list I'm afraid.

    However, I hope that you enjoy it and the stew, should you decide to try out the recipe. I am not a vegetarian either, however if we eat out, I will quite often choose something veggie from the menu, just because it sounds delicious.

    Have a great weekend :)

    Yvonne xx

    1. Hi, Yvonne. I know all about irrational fears. I have panic and anxiety disorder. I often have panic attacks where I am scared to death of, wait for it, nothing! Seriously, nothing can be going on, nothing will be happening, but suddenly I'm in a panic. Hugs to you. I'll try to avoid the feline theme next week. I don't want you to stop visiting! ;-)

  10. Replies
    1. Hey, Laura! I know what you mean. It's like I could smell it while I was typing it up!

  11. I have to get this book. It sounds perfect for me.

    1. Hey, Yvonne. It's really a good read. Mystery, romance, kitties. There even a sassy parrot in one! When you read it, let me know what you think!


  12. That recipe sounds delicious and the cover of the book is so cute.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  13. I'm going to try the recipe, although I might substitute sweet potato for regular potato (that's me, always tinkering with the recipe.) The blurb about a romance writer turning to cozy mysteries is really cute.

  14. Sounds like a delightful series. I love the name "Bumblebee Cafe." Thanks for the recipe, too. Looks delish.
    My Friday post features excerpts from Buffalo Gal.