Monday, September 17, 2018

Book 2 in the Cat Café Mysteries
by Cate Conte

Purrder She Wrote is second in the pawsitively charming new feline mystery series from Cate Conte set off the New England coast, where curiosity leads to some killer small-town secrets....
It’s the grand opening of Daybreak Island’s cat café, where customers can get cozy with an assortment of friendly felines―and maybe even take one or a few home. Co-owner Maddie James is purring with excitement over her new warm-and-fuzzy venture. . .until she becomes entangled in a petty drama between one of her volunteers, an ardent animal-rights activist, and a wealthy woman who insists on adopting a calico kitty―right this instant. The catfight that ensues is bad enough for business. But when the snubbed socialite is found dead with a tell-tale catnip toy on the scene, suspicion lands squarely on Maddie’s staffer. Now, with her reputation and her career prospects on the line (to say nothing of her budding romance with a handsome pet groomer) Maddie must do whatever it takes to solve the crime―before her nine lives are up.

Author Cate Conte has served up another meowolious mystery in, PURRDER SHE WROTE. Cleverly written, this book was a fast, relaxed read. Purrfect for the rainy day I read it on.

I loved the whole concept of a cat café. Such a wonderful way to get little furballs adopted. And as far as it being the central location in a cozy mystery, well, you can’t get much cozier than that!

PURRDER SHE WROTE was an enjoyable mystery with a lot going one. Besides the main murder plot, this whodunit followed a few other sub-plots, making each new chapter a doorway to different aspects of the story. It was satisfying watching the story come together and to see the mystery revealed.

Cat lovers, PURRDER SHE WROTE is sure to be your catnip. You won’t want to put it down!

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