Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Book 2 in the Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer series
by Maxine Sylvester

Ronaldo and Rudi discover friends come in all shapes and sizes as they embark on a superhero mission to help a lost wolf cub called Ernie find her pack. 
Rudi comes up with a plan to find the pack and deliver a message during a speed test at flying school. But Ronaldo isn’t totally onboard with the idea. He desperately wants to break the speed record and the plan means jeopardising his chance of becoming champion.

Will Ronaldo go for glory… or will he discover the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice the race for Ernie?

Bumbling Wing Commander Blitsen, head of The Reindeer Flying Academy, and mischievous brothers, Dasher, Comet and Prancer also feature in this fun tale of bravery and friendship.



I was given the opportunity to read this children’s book a few months ago, and my one regret is that I didn’t get a chance to read it sooner. From the writing to the illustrations, author Maxine Sylvester has penned a delightful tale.

Ronaldo aka Ronny is the reindeer we don’t hear about in Christmas stories. While all of Santa’s reindeer are mentioned, even Rudolph, Ronny is the star of this story. And he totally deserves that honor.  

RONALDO: THE PHANTOM CARROT SNATCHER is a story with so many wonderful messages for young readers. Really, for readers of all ages. Lessons in friendship, diversity, and good sportsmenship are all handled in such a way, that readers will enjoy learning life lessons.

Of course, I wouldn’t have agreed to read RTPCS if it didn’t have a mystery element. There were actually a couple. Missing carrots, and a lost “child”. Both were handled quickly as to keep the younger readers attention.

If you’re looking for a book for your in the four to ten year old range (depending on rather you’re reading it to the child, or they will be reading it), you can’t go wrong with RONALDO: THE PHANTOM CARROT SNATCHER.

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  1. This sounds precious, Lisa! Happy Wednesday, to you.

  2. Sounds like an adorable story! Adorable cover!

  3. I love it! Sounds like something my nephew would love. Thank you!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your wonderful review, I am thrilled that enjoyed it.
    I appreciate the time you took from your day to review my work, thank you again.

    Patricia, Kay and Shannon, thank you for your kind words