Thursday, March 15, 2018


 Seriously good food!

100 Nutritious (and Not So Nutritious)
Simple Recipes for the Real Home Cook
by Siri Daly

Popular food blogger and TODAY food contributor Siri Daly shares her collection of cooking triumphs and mistakes, and delicious recipes for people who love food.

Like many of us trying to feed our families, Siri Daly is a very busy cook. As a mother of three under the age of 10, TODAY food contributor, and wife of a bicoastal traveling man, Carson Daly ("The Voice" host and TODAY show co-host), Siri often doesn’t know which end is up. Siri is not a serious cook, but she is serious about her food—and what she serves her family, friends and loved ones. Siriously Delicious is organized by how a busy mom gets through her day—breakfast, lunch, happy hour (her favorite!), dinner with sides, and dessert. Siri’s recipes are created with three goals in mind: to create food that is delicious and satisfying for both kids and adults, to prepare dishes packed with traditionally comforting flavors and ingredients (think cheese, avocado, chocolate!), and to make each recipe approachable for even a novice cook—no trips to specialty food stores are required.

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-cook recipes your kids will devour, such as mouth-watering Bacon Pizzadillas, or you’re dying to relax with a Spicy Grapefruit Cocktail when the days feel too long, this cookbook has a recipe for every occasion. Siri also includes extra tips to make your time in the kitchen easier: Siriously Simple offers a hack or time-saving tip, Siriously Sinful details how to make something even more indulgent, Siriously Nutritious explains how to make something healthier, and Siriously Mini advises how to satisfy the kiddos. Filled with Siri’s often hilarious anecdotes, Siriously Delicious will not only feed your family’s bellies but hopefully deliver a belly laugh along the way.


Starting at the beginning, with the introduction, the first thing I noticed was how funny, and full of life author Siri Daly is. For me, starting any book off with a laugh is a good thing. Yes, even a cookbook. The second thing I saw is how much Ms. Daly loves her family. She includes them in this book every chance she can through stories, and photos.

Did someone mention photos? Anyone who has read my cookbook reviews know that the lack of photos in a cookbook is a big pet peeve of mine. So, a big thank you to the author for including photos of all the dishes!

Siri Daly has packed the pages of SIRIOUSLY DELICIOUS with a lot of healthy recipes that sound and look fantastic. That’s a big statement for me to make because healthy eating isn’t my thing. I’m eating potato chips as I write this review. Luckily for me, she’s included some recipes that aren’t as healthy too.

Here’s a sampling of some of the tasty treat you’ll find. Chorizo Hash Breakfast Burritos, Egg-in-Hole Avocado Toast, Dark Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Italian Orecchiette Pasta Salad, Crab-and-Corn Chowder, Grilled Cheese Roll-Up Dippers, Chickpea Burgers, Summer White Peach Sangria, Mojito Mule, Spinach Balls, Smashed Pea and Ricotta Toast, Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Rainbow Potato Salad with Crispy Shallots, Cookie Butter Truffles, Angel Food Cake with Vanilla Strawberries, and so many more!
A lovely cookbook with a great variety of recipes, SIRIOUSLY DELISHOUS is seriously delightful.

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  1. Thanks, Lisa. This sounds like a fun cookbook. Happy Thursday!

  2. Great review. Thanks for sharing Lisa.