Friday, March 16, 2018

Today, March 16 - Sunday 18
Head over to the
Luck O' The Cozies
event on Facebook hosted by
Karen M. Owen
of A Cup of Tea and a Cozy Mystery, 
and Beyond the Bookmarks
and yours truly
Lisa A. Kelley
of Lisa Ks Book Reviews, 
and What's Cooking? Cookbook Reviews!
Just click the link below.

Take a look at the amazing authors
who will be joining us!

Friday 16

9am/12pm - Tonya Kappes
10:30am/1:30pm - Kathi Daley
11:30am/2:30pm - Susan Furlong
12pm/3pm - Jenny Kales
1pm-4pm - Lee Hollis
2pm/5pm - Karoline Barrett
3pm/6pm - Julie Mulhern
4pm/7pm - Jennifer L. Roche
5pm/8pm - Sharon Pape
6pm/9pm - V.M. Burns

Saturday 17

6am/9am - Patricia Neely-Dorsey
7am/10am - Jenna St. James
8am/11am - *Larissa Reinhart
9am/12pm - Daryl Wood Gerber
10am/1pm - Gail Oust
11am/2pm - Abby L. Vandiver
12pm/3pm - Debra Sennefelder
1pm/4pm - Lori Herter
2pm/5pm - *Mary Anne Edwards
3pm/6pm - Auralee Wallace
4pm/7pm - Tina Kashian
5pm/8pm - Donna Walo Clancy

Sunday 18


7:30am/10:30am - Alice Loweecey
8am/11am - *Terrie Farley Moran
9am/12pm - Linda Reilly
2pm/5pm - Sarah Fox
3pm/6pm - *Kathleen Bridge
3:30pm/6:30pm - Vicki Vass

* means the named author will not be present, but is sponsoring a giveaway at that time.

I'm hosting Friday 16, 4pm - 9pm EST
Saturday 17, 9am - 9pm
I'll also be dropping in for quick visits through the event.

I hope to see you all there!

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