Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ready to learn about a new old series?

Today I am featuring author Sammi Carter who wrote the Candy Shop Mystery series. 

This series contains 5 books.

No visit to Paradise, Colorado, is complete without a stop at Divinity Candy Shop for a little taste of heaven. For owner Abby Shaw, it was a sweet deal, too - inheriting Divinity gave her the opportunity to leave her career as a corporate lawyer and dump her cheating husband. But Abby's new life sours when a fellow merchant dies in a fire, with all clues pointing to arson . . . and Abby's brother as the number one suspect.

Includes candy recipes

When poisoned bon-bons end the life of a town trouble-maker, candy shop owner Abby Shaw finds herself trapped in an extremely sticky situation.

No one's happy when wealthy Felicity Asbury names herself director of the local arts festival. But when she's found dead, all evidence points to candy shop owner Abby Shaw, who must put aside her sweets to discover the twisted killer.

When corporate-lawyer-turned-candy-maker Abby Shaw witnesses a stranger being gunned down on the highway, she's convinced she's seen a murder. Problem is, there's no body. But days later, when a body does turn up, wishy-washy witnesses make things sticky. Even elbow-deep in hot syrup at Divinity candy shop, Abby is determined to find out the truth. And it's not as if she can take her sweet time figuring it out...

Includes Candy Recipes

Abby Shaw's life is sweet. She's settling into running the candy shop she inherited from her aunt, dealing with her busybody family, and maintaining a solid-if-slow relationship with local police detective Pine Jawarski. But Abby's smooth sailing turns into a rocky road when a friend asks her to audition for a musical with some considerably talented locals. Abby pops her head into the chaotic audition -- and finds a dead star center stage.

These books are no longer available in paperback. But you can find them on Nook and Kindle.  

I haven't read this series. 
Have you?

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Answer to Whodunit Wednesday

The Postman Rings Once - Solution

   "If it wasn't suicide," said Thomas, "then any one of us could have killed him. No one has a good alibi."

   "True," Wilson agreed and turned to Sherman Holmes.

   "True," Sherman agreed. "But..." And he raised a pudgy finger. "Only one of you lied about when you checked the mail". He lowered the finger, pointing it at Nigel Liggit. "You, Nigel, actually entered the front hall between 2:30 and 2:50. You steamed open the letter and read it's frightening contents. You got rid of the letter--a bad job, I must say--then loaded your uncle's gun and tracked him down."

   "Bravo," Nigel said with a sneer. "But you could make up a similar story about either on of my brothers."

   Sherman smiled. "Let's see Thomas's letter from that bill collector." Thomas pulled it from his pocket and handed it over. "Notice the shoe print?"

   "That's mine," said Gerald, "from when I came in and stepped on the mail."

   "And the water ring? Where did that come from?"

   "Not from me," said Thomas. "My hands were full of luggage. I went right upstairs and unpacked."

   Sherman turned to face Nigel and his incriminating martini. "When you checked the mail, you put your glass on top of Thomas's letter. That means you didn't check it at three p.m., but earlier--between the time of Gerald's shoe print and Thomas's removal of the collector's letter. "

Did you guess correctly?
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  1. I have not read this series yet, but I have all of the books except one. They sound really cute.

  2. Thanks for Throwback Thursday. I only recently started reading cozy mysteries and love finding new (old) series, to read.

    patucker54 at aol dot com

  3. I read and enjoyed this series as it was released. I understand this is the same author as the current Piece of Cake (Jessica Bradley is I think the author) mystery series, but I haven't had a chance to read any of them.

  4. Hi Lisa! I have read a few from this series & really enjoyed them. Was disappointed when it stopped. I heard the same as Mark that she currently writes under the name Jacklyn Brady. I'm current in her Piece of Cake series. It's one of my favorites.

  5. I read and loved this series and was so disappointed when they stopped. I didn't realize that she was also Jacklyn Brady, I have also read that series and love it too.

  6. Wow! You've all taught me something I didn't know. I had no idea Sammi Carter and Jacklyn Brady were one and the same, Thanks! :-)

  7. I read the first one in the series and loved it-but could never find any more. I recently picked up a later one, but haven't read it since I'm a stickler for reading in order! I don't own the first one either-read it from the library years ago.