Monday, July 14, 2014

Did you ever wake up and ask yourself
"What's Lisa Reading?"

Oh, you haven't. 

You know what? I'm going to tell you anyway! ;-)

I'm reading 
Something old...


Nancy Drew's keen mind is tested when she searches for a missing will.

I remember getting so excited to make tips in my Daddy's sub shop (being 10 - 12 years old I made great tips because it was just so cute having me wait on you!) and running through the doorway into the adjoining shop next door and picking out a new adventure from Nancy Drew.  

This morning I started re-reading THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK, the first book in the original Nancy Drew series. The last time a read it was, oh wow, at least thirty-five years ago. Needless to say, it's like reading it for the first time. I had to pull myself away from it so I could do this blog post! 

In this adventure, Nancy is on a frantic search for a will that may not even exist. But she is determined to help the lovely old aunts and their little great niece who need the money from their uncle's will much more than the wealthier relatives who stand to inherit. 

See? Exciting!

Something new...



Tucked away in the rolling hills of rural western Virginia is the storybook resort of Storyton Hall, catering to book lovers who want to get away from it all. To increase her number of bookings, resort manager Jane Steward has decided to host a Murder and Mayhem week so that fans of the mystery genre can gather together for some role-playing and fantasy crime solving.

But when the winner of the scavenger hunt, Felix Hampden, is found dead in the Mystery Suite, and the valuable book he won as his prize is missing, Jane realizes one of her guests is an actual murderer. Amid a resort full of fake detectives, Jane is bound and determined to find a real-life killer. There’s no room for error as Jane tries to unlock this mystery before another vacancy opens up…

I was blessed enough to win an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of MURDER IN  THE MYSTERY SUITE, the first book in the Book Retreat Mystery series by author Ellery Adams. 

I'm loving every word of it! I can't say more that what is in the blurb above, but I will tell you this...I've only finished three chapters and there has already been more excitement than you would see in twice as many chapters of a lot of other books. 

If you haven't already pre-ordered this book, go do it now!
 Okay, please finish my blog and then go do it! :-)

Something true (as in truly a favorite series)...

ONE DEAD COOKIE by Virginia Lowell

Olivia Greyson is the proud owner of The Gingerbread House—a quaint shop that specializes in all things cookie—and her best friend, Maddie, is her sidekick, baking up scrumptious treats for their cookie-themed parties. But a dead body on their front porch might put their bake shop in a truly sticky situation…
Olivia is busy baking up special cookies for Maddie’s upcoming engagement party when soap star Trevor Lane shows up unexpectedly in town. It soon becomes clear that Trevor, who grew up in the neighboring town of Twiterton, left behind a number of enemies with long memories. Even Trevor’s assistant and childhood friend, Dougie, seems to harbor a grudge against him. 
Soon after his arrival, Trevor is found dead on The Gingerbread House porch, his handsome face branded with the image of a cookie cutter. When their friend Stacey is implicated in the murder, Olivia and Maddie rush to find the killer. Because it seems someone in Chatterley Heights has a sweet tooth for revenge... 

ONE DEAD COOKIE is book four in the Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series by author Virginia Lowell. 

I fell in love with this series with the very first book, COOKIE DOUGH OR DIE. From page one I knew I was going to become old friends with Olivia Greyson and her friend Maddie. I want to work in their shop with them and help them bake and decorate cooks (neither of wish I can do).

And while I want to read ONE DEAD COOKIE nice and slow and enjoy every moment of it, book five, COOKIES AND SCREAM released this month and is in my TBR (to be read) stack and calling my name!

 The entire series is just so well written and entertaining. Do yourself a favor and start reading this series!

So, that's what I'm reading. How about you?
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you're reading today. 

Or just leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my blog. Your comments make me happy and keep going. 

Hate my blog? I can take it. Tell me what you don't like or what you would like to see.

Happy Monday!


  1. I am also reading Murder in the Mystery Suite! And I have all of the cookie series as well but haven't read them yet.

    1. Dawn, you'll like the Cookie Cutter series. LOL If you can ever get around to them with that TBR of yours!

  2. I've not read the cookie series, but have heard they're good. Can't wait to read Murder in the Mystery Suite! I'm currently reading Design for Murder-Carolyn Hart. Great post, Lisa.

    1. Susan, you'll really like both series. I bought the first Carolyn Hart books a few months ago at of all places, Dollar General! They are in my ever growing TBR.

  3. SO want to read Murder in the Mystery Suite...have been trying to win it...guess it's time to buy it! :)

    PATucker54 at aol dot com

    1. Pat, is well worth it. Pre-order now! It comes out in August!