Thursday, June 23, 2022


Good Food for Real Life
by Angela Hartnett

Internationally beloved chef Angela Hartnett's first cookbook released in the U.S., featuring 100 recipes perfect for entertaining at home.

An invitation to dine at Angela Hartnett's house is a real treat. Nestled in London's vibrant East End, her home is a place to experience delicious food, great company and a relaxed atmosphere that is as far removed from the high-octane stress of a professional kitchen as it is from the social anxiety that many of us face when hosting a dinner. Angela knows the secrets to throwing the most relaxed and enjoyable dinners for friends and family-magical evenings that people talk about for months afterward-and in 
The Weekend Cook she shares them.

Great flavors and simple, yet delicious foods abound in these pages, from satisfying one-pot dishes and comforting risottos to perfect party food and baked goods to feed a hungry crowd-each one a joy to cook and eat. With 100 recipes as well as time-saving tips and cheats, 
The Weekend Cook takes the stress out of hosting, allowing you to enjoy your dinner parties without breaking a sweat.

THE WEEKEND COOK by Angela Hartnett opens with lengthy introduction from the author. It’s clear she loves cooking, her family, where she lives, and is very happy to let others know it. I would too if I was living my dream.

When I started reading the names of the recipes, and seeing their photos, my first thought was I’ll never be able to make them. They were very intimidating! But when I started reading the recipes, I felt a little more self-assured. 

Here’s a taste of the recipes you’ll find . . . Confit Garlic and Goat’s Curd Toast, Crab Salad, Summer Vegetable Soup, Cock-a-leekie Soup, Chicken Pie, Red Mullet and Tomato, Sunday Night Cupboard Spaghetti, Chicory, Blue Cheese and Grape Salad, Backed Vacherin Cheese, Scotti’s Honey Biscuits, Asparagus Quiche, Lemon Butterfly Cakes, Pump Street Chocolate Mousse, and Floating Islands.  

THE WEEKEND COOK, is a lovely cookbook. It contains beautiful color photos, which is a must for me. Author Hartnett has compiled an impressive catalog of recipes. There are some I would like to try, but many not my style. I’m a very plain eater, and some of her extraordinary dishes are more than my simple tastebuds care to handle. If I wanted to host a dinner party to impress, one I wanted guests to remember, THE WEEKEND COOK would be a great way to do.

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