Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Hello all.
You may have noticed that your comments haven't been posted. That's because I'm not getting them.
There is some sort of glitch going on. I've learned other bloggers and commenters are having the same problem.
My friend, Pat has found a way to get her comments to come through to me. She has been kind enough to explain what she did, so please read her explanation below in the comments. Now, Pat has an iPhone. I'm hoping this will help other iPhone users. However, if you don't have an iPhone I'm hoping something in what she says can help you.

Until things are fixed, I will only be posting a check in post each day. Please continue commenting each day so I'll know if they're coming through or not. Somehow this will all get worked out. 

In the mean time, please continue commenting so I'll know if they're coming through or not.

As for the Amazon gift card giveaway, please keep your answers from the last few days. When everything is worked out, the giveaway will continue. 

Please hang in there with me my friends. I adore you all and would me you if you left. Heck, I'm already missing you!


1 comment:

  1. Hey, Lisa. I had been posting anonymous (with my name in the comment) since a previous update, when I started having problems commenting. Then, after my most recent update, I couldn’t even do that. That’s when I did some searching and came up with turning off cross-tracking in Safari. Who knows if it will continue to work? Certainly not me!