Wednesday, August 4, 2021

I love animals. Big, small, cute, not so cute, I simply love animals.

My favorite animals that I am legally allowed to own are dogs. We have had dogs as far back as I can remember.  My home would feel empty without one.

If I could own any animal in the world, my number one pick would be an elephant. They smile all the time, are intelligent, strong, brave, and loyal. The way they come together when one of them is in danger is amazing. 

For about 2 years or more, while driving to a local town for doctor's appointments, I pass a house that owns a donkey. Every time I drove past the house, I'd roll down my window and yell, "Hello, Dominic!" No, I didn't know his name. I just remember it from a song about and Italian Christmas donkey. 

My sisters, having the same doctor as me, also drove past our little donkey friend a lot. One day, when we were all together, my older sister, drove up in the home's drive, found the owner, and asked if we could say hi to the donkey. Not only did he say yes, he told us anytime!


At least every other week, we go and visit, Kirby (his real name) and take him carrots. I have to tell you, I am in love.

He is so cool. I even forgive him for biting me during our first meeting. Well, if the blame falls anywhere, it's with me.
PSA: Do not approach a strange animal and assume you can pet it. Even if you think you're Dr. Dolittle like I do.
Kirby and I laugh about it now, what with us being old friends now. 

Are you an animal lover? Do you own one?
(You know, I don't like saying own, because they are part of the family to me.)

My younger sister and I currently have just one pet. 
Our Chiweenie, Emma Belle aka Emmy.

She has been a source of constant love and joy.

Not exactly pets, we also have the "freeloaders". These consist of 3 (that we know of) stray cats, Binks and Miss Kitty, and one that has never let us get close enough to name him or her.

The other freeloaders are birds. Lots and lots of birds. We put out bird feeders about a month ago. Seriously, it's like one bird told four friends, and those birds told ten friends, and those birds told . . . you get the idea. 

Gospel truth, the day of the yard sale we had a couple of weeks ago, my sister Tammie and I noticed a lot of birds flying overhead. Nothing strange about that, but I joked that the freeloaders wanted breakfast. She said they'd have to wait until the yard sale was set up.
She turned around to face the house and she got this strange look on her face. She told me to look on the roof. From left to right, the whole length of the house, there were birds sitting there and watching us. 

Needless to say, Tam stopped what she was doing and went and filled the bird feeders.


Well my dear friends, this post was way longer than I had planned. I thought about going back and editing it, but I thought it was good to show you, me. In person, I ramble when I talk. I ramble to the point where people's eye glaze over. Seriously! I think it has something to do with my bipolar, but it's part of me, so you got it today full blast. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tiffany. We're not sure of her exact age because she is a rescue. But her little face is getting white every day. We have guessamated she is about 11 years old. She rules this house with an iron paw. One of her nicknames is Boss Dog.

  2. Enjoy those animal friends, Lisa. Kirby is just precious. I’d have to stop and visit him, too.
    Happy Wednesday.
    Pat T

    1. Hey, Pat! I hear you're on the mend! Take good care of yourself for me. You would love Kerby! He does this Elvis thing with his lip. My sister will say to him, "Show if you're finished", and he'll raise that lip. LOL

  3. We LOVE animals, both tame and critters! We are fortunate enough to live in the Ozark Mountains on a small tract of land just outside the city limits and are visited daily by a wide array of critters - everything from bobcat to chipmunks plus a lot of varieties of birds (we've even had eagles land in the yard). We love photography so the stay at home has been easy. We just sit on the porch and read or take photos of the visitors. Yes they love the goodies we put out for them. I think we could feed at family of 12 for what we spend of critter food. When you mentioned the birds lining up, makes me think of our woodpeckers which are sitting in the trees waiting for the suet feeders to be put out each morning. We have to bring them in every evening because the raccoons destroy the feeders at night if we don't. They learned to go out on that branch, pull the chain to get the feeder up to them and then either empty it or take the whole thing off the chain and carry it home for the family. :)

    As for IN the house, well we have a chihuahua that owns everything and allows us to use what we need. He will be 17 in November and has many medical issues, like arthritis, being a diabetic requiring 2 insulin shots a day, almost blind and deaf, and is a picky eater but he is the center of our world and everything revolves around him.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Kay, there seems to be about a hundred reasons we get along so well! We don't have the most exciting animals come through. We live on a populated street that sits of an even busier street. We have seen a fox fly past in the back yard. I mean, we think it was a fox. He was so fast! But we have fun watching the ones we have. After the incredible photos you sent me the other day, I would love to see some of your yard visiters!

  4. You are so funny I am crying. Tell Kirby Hi for me.

    1. Thank you, Riley! I love making be laugh and laughing with them. If I don't have at least one could laugh a day, it's like being constipated. ;-) I will for sure tell, Kirby hi for you, and even give him a carrot from you.