Sunday, August 9, 2020

 Karen here taking over Lisa's blog for the day with two questions...

Who are 5 authors you would love to have tea with and why? I love this question, with so many amazing cozy mystery authors to choose from, who would you place at your table for 6? Feel free to comment on that below. It is really tough to pick just 5! 

For those of you experiencing the sweltering heat and looking for a great escape cozy, do you choose a cozy mystery where it is the same time of year, summer based, where the characters are suffering along with you or do you try to pick your book based on a different time of the year? 

 By August, as a reader, who is anxiously awaiting the jean and sweater wearing weather, I actively look for a fall themed read. Something to loose myself in, and forget about the climate, outside, politically and fear from the on going pandemic in the outside world. This is where the library comes in handy for me. When I am in a reading rut or in need of the right book to fall into my lap, I go to my library (ours are open here where I live) spin the rack and then take home any cozy that falls from the rack. I have found some of my most favorite authors using this method. 

Had I not done so I would never have discovered Lorraine Bartlett, Miranda James, Heather Webber or Krista Davis. 

Wherever you find yourself today, take a moment and imagine that tea party! Who would be there, what you would all talk about and what you would serve. I would love to hear what you think so please consider commenting below. Happy party planning and for joining me here today on my take over day. 


  1. 1. Lori Herter - I have known her for over 20 years and never met face to face.
    2. - Virginia Lowell - I love her Cookie CUtter Mysteries, but I don't know a thing about her! Seriously. She's a mystery in the mystery world to me.
    3. - Carolyn Keene aka Mildred A. Wirt (first Nancy Drew author) for giving me my first female hero.
    4. - Charlotte Brontë - I want to thank her for giving us Jane Eyre and letting us know her strength and determination. And also for letting plain girls like myself know that we to could find love.
    5. - A rotating chair so every author I have read over the decades can sit and let me ask them one question.
    Thanks for taking over, Karen!

  2. 1. Kathi Daley - I love the way she writes and she comes up with so many ideas plus she lives in So lake tahoe and I used to spend my summers there with my kids as i used to live in the bay area and husband at the time and I used to go up and just enjoy a long weekend up there! So I would love to meet her in her area for tea or whatever!
    2. My next choice is Ann H Gabhart she writes lots of diff kinds of books but she did write a few cozies and they were so good. I love her writing and she is such a sweet lady and posts a lot of pics of grandchildren that I love .
    3. My third would be Juliet Blackwell and I would love for her to be at the table as I love her books I am always wrong when I guess who done it in the middle of the book.
    4.Krista Davis I would have her there as she is a kick she sent scarves to my pups a few years ago and I still have one of my pups with her scarf as my goodreads pic she would be wonderful with Kathi at the table also they would be perfect for a good belly laugh
    5. Well the last chair would be my granddaughter as she loves to read and I would want her to meet these cozy authors so she can see why I love their books also I think she would read more if she got influenced by them and meeting them would be a shock for her plus she has had a very very hard life due to her mother so I want her to have a super day with these woman! Thank you Karen for asking it was a blast to think of who.peggy clayton