Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm so excited for today's review!

What do you get a cozy mystery fan as a gift?
Cozy mystery books? Sure.
A bookstore gift card? Perfect.
But there has to be a more unique cozy mystery gift!
There is!!!


"Murder, She Sent

is a cozy mystery box that will feature one of the newest cozy mysteries available each month. Enjoy several book and/or cozy related items per month."

Oh my goodness!
What a brilliant idea this is!

Here's the box I received!

(With a big thank you to Billie Jenrette for sending me a
MURDER, SHE SENT box of my own.)

This list has a description of the contents of the box, and also contains the information/sites where you can purchase the wonderful items included!

My box was based on the book
by Kate Carlisle.

It contained great Kate Carlisle swag!

And great little items that connect in some way to the story in the book.

The rings to the right of the picture below are tapes! Washi great for crafts.

Wildflower Seed Bombs!
You can plant them outside or in planters for inside your house!

A Victorian pocket mirror.
Back . . .

Front . . . Mirror side

A mini Fairy Garden!
(Center of photo)

Every item is so special. 
And they help to bring 
to life.

I can't say enough good things about

I can tell a lot of thought, and care went into the making of this wonderful box. Picking just the right items to go along with the included book is such a lovely detail.

Whether you're getting this for someone else, or getting it for yourself, you can't go wrong!

is perfect for any cozy mystery fan!

Check it out at . . .

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  1. That’s a great box of goodies, Lisa! Happy Sunday, to you.

  2. You got some awesome items! I got the first box they put out...September, I think...and the items were also very nice! Plus, it's so exciting to be surprised each month with cozy gifts! Thanks for your review...loved it!

  3. I got the box that had Room for a Brew which also had butterbeer soap, butterbeer fudge (YUM!) and butterbeer lip balm plus other goodies. The 2nd I got I sized down to the econo and this month's will be econo. The only drawback to me is I wish we could know enough in advance what the book was going to be. Sometimes I've pre-ordered books that are coming out and actually both times I ended up with a duplicate book but I can always gift it :)

  4. I subscribed to Murder, She Sent when it first came out and I have enjoyed each box more than the last. Billie gets more creative with each box, and I love getting new books every month. I highly recommend this subscription.

  5. This is adorable. What a great gift! That little fairy garden is the cutest thing.